Fun Outdoor Activities For Adults – Golf, Kayaking, Hill Hiking, HILIT Principles


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Welcome as always and thank you in advance for reading this article on ‘fun outdoor activities for adults – golf, kayaking, hill walking, using Hilit principles’. Hilit (High-intensity low impact) focuses on mobility and injury prevention. Which will have you feeling great after a good workout and also feeling good in the body. It throws out the notion of ‘no pain no gain’ in the trash can where it belongs.

Undoubtedly doing mobility exercises although convenient can get both boring and seen as a chore. However even more important is that your muscles require a variety of exercise. Your muscles become familiar with performing the same daily exercise routine. Movements that are not varying act as the law of diminishing returns on them. Hence making it difficult for improvement efforts to take place. So with another two months of good weather mix up the routine. Go out and combine Golf, Kayaking and hill walking with your daily routines if you are able and have fun.



What is Hilit

It is movements of the entire body only are low impact on your joints. As examples, it is including gliders in ab routines or planking which are high intensity due to having to use core and a variety of other muscles for stabilisation.

This is different from HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) although both follow the same intensity levels. HIIT is a high impact intensive training-oriented activity that delivers sudden force to the joints. Squat jumps and Burpees are exercise examples. Although they get you to sweat and are useful as cardio exercises they also are a higher risk of causing injuries.

It appears that the most misunderstood aspect about Hilit is because it is low impact it equates to no impact in peoples minds. Consequently that the exercise is easy which is not the case at all. What it means is that you are specifically focusing on selected muscle groups that produce real results.



How does Hilit work

A typical Hilit workout will involve exercise as fast or as hard as possible for 20 – 30 seconds. Then a 1o – 15-second break or slow down. Repeat this sequence for 8-10 sets. Please remember to use this with all activities stated below. This beneficial for cardio and strength training working the targeted muscle group to their maximum capacity while attempting to achieve your target heart rate in cardio-based exercise. Examples for both indoor and outdoor activity include weighted jabs, glider or band work, walking lunges and working with light weights.

Golf, Kayaking, Hill Walking, Cycling and Swimming are activities enjoined with the principles of HILIT. Depending on your level of fitness and health to undertake such activities.


How do I combine Golf activities with Hilit

Golf is the perfect sport for those over 40 both men and women. It is wrong to think golf does not require much fitness. Fun - Outdoor - Activities - For - Adults - Golf,- Kayaking, - Hill - Hiking, - HILIT - PrinciplesHowever, in reality, it offers strength training, cardiovascular exercise, coordination and balance. With all these benefits and more Golf is certainly one to explore. Remember Hilit focuses on strength training and cardiovascular exercise.


What are the exercise and fitness benefits from golf


Let us explore these benefits in more detail. Strength training is through carrying a golf bag while walking around the course for example. While cardiovascular exercise comes as an example by walking the course.


Walking –  There is a high amount of cardiovascular activity. There are many acres to cover on a golf course and if you are inexperienced you are less likely to walk in aq straight line between holes. You are more likely to be meandering on the hilly and inclined ground which makes for an even better workout especially when you are not using a golf cart. If you are not fit enough to walk around the course carrying a golf bag with a set of weighty golf clubs. There is still a fair amount of activity.


Strength Training – Involves as previously stated walking the hills and inclines which work your quadriceps and hamstrings. These form the group of muscles of the lower body. Carrying your golf bag to the course and walking with it around the course focuses on the upper body muscles. It is a great way to achieve your strength training for the week even when done for only one day.


 Balance –  Golf provides an increase in the ability to balance your body. In doing so you are focusing on your core which involves your lower back, abdominal muscles and buttocks. The importance of having and developing balance is critical as it is the number one reason for falls which cause injury.


 Concentration –  Is an essential ingredient. Recent research proves that your mind requires exercise too. This lessens the effects of degradation as we get older. While playing golf you are constantly remembering and using numbers to score, taking in and remembering visual images as you walk. Using techniques and tips and having to remember them while playing the game.


Other Benefits

  •  Stress Reduction.
  • Breathing clean air.
  • Social interaction (complying with social distancing rules).
  • Getting you out of the confines of home exercise.



What are the benefits of Kayaking activities

Fun - Outdoor - Activities - For - Adults - Golf,- Kayaking, - Hill - Hiking, - HILIT - PrinciplesThere are many different forms of kayaking which include sea kayaking sail, surf kayaking white water kayaking etc. Here we are looking at kayaking in calm rivers as some of the previously mentioned are extreme forms. Here also we are targetting strength training and cardiovascular exercise combining with Hilit principles.


 Health benefits of kayaking or canoeing.

Kayaking and Canoeing are low impact activities which improve strength and flexibility. Aerobic flexibility is another strong feature.

  • Arms, back shoulders and chest muscles specifically benefit from improved muscle strength from moving the paddle.
  • Legs and torso strength are increased as your torso goes through a lot of rotation and pressure is being applied through your legs.
  • Cardiovascular fitness improvement.
  • Reduced risk of wear and tear on joints and tissues as it is a low impact activity.




 Other benefits include

  • Can be meditative and peaceful or exhilarating depending on what form and where you are doing this activity. Meditative and peaceful is very helpful to mind exercise which relieves stress and improves mood.
  • It is a great way to get exercise and enjoy the scenery of the waterways.

What are the benefits of Hill Walking activities


Walking up hills is not for the faint-hearted. The effort and exertions required however are well worth it. Fun - Outdoor - Activities - For - Adults - Golf,- Kayaking, - Hill - Hiking, - HILIT - PrinciplesWhen an incline is involved you get a more efficient workout. It is also the cheapest form of exercise as all you need are a pair of good walking boots and adequate clothing. What is critical is a good technique.


Benefits of walking uphill 


  • Good for the leg muscles. the focus is on the muscles at the front of your thighs the quadriceps. It is also working on your buttock muscles and since it is on an incline. There is less chance of overtraining your hamstrings the muscles at the back of your thighs and your glutes.


  • More calories are burnt – You are burning 3-5 calories per minute in comparison to walking on level ground. The measure is in metabolic equivalents (MET). On the level ground, this is at 4.3 MET walking uphill at a 5% gradient. This increases dramatically the higher the gradient. From a 6-15% gradient, the measure is at 8 MET. This is equivalent to the same exertion as jogging.


  • Increase exercise intensity – Walking uphill increases your heart rate even when you are doing so at a slow pace. You are not only increasing the benefits for reduced health risks but building fitness levels as well. By adding high-intensity intervals it is more efficient as you get increased benefits in less time.


  •  Improve your metabolism – Walking uphill can help your body metabolize both lipids (cholesterol) and glucose (blood sugar). This is very beneficial for people who are at risk of heart disease and pre-diabetic. When this study was done it showed that the benefits also extended to walking downhill. Some forward planning on routes that include both is wise.


 Techniques and Tips for Hillwalking

  • Make sure you do a warm-up by walking on level ground for 5 minutes before you start walking up a hill.


  • Shorten your steps when walking uphill think of a bike with gears and change gear.


  • Lean only slightly into the hill. You will naturally do this. You want to avoid leaning too much into the hill as that affects your balance. Also, avoid leaning back as that throws you off balance. You don’t want to do either to avoid strain on your back.


  • Don’t raise your knees too high. Do not raise them higher than six inches when walking. If you find you are doing so then shorten your step even further.


  • Maintain or quicken your step rate. You want an even pace and may need to shorten or lengthen your step to do so.


  • Monitor your exertion levels. Walking up hills increases your breathing, exertion level and heart rate. Make sure that you can speak in sentences not gasping out single words. If you are slow down your pace.


  • Check your heart rate. Hills are good for slower walkers and fit walkers to increase heart rates. You can use a heart rate monitor, a fitness band or mobile phone app to gauge at what rates exertion and breathing levels you are comfortable at.


  • Use trekking poles. Some people are comfortable with poles to assist your uphill walk through your upper body strength. They can also help stabilize when walking downhill.


  • Keep practising. Walking hills get easier the more practice you get.




We have explored ‘fun outdoor activities for adults – golf, kayaking and hill walking hilit principles’. This article was conceived thinking about a friend. She is in her late 60’s and is an avid Kayaker and Hill Walker. As a result is very fit as a result. This helped her when she recently had a surgical procedure to cut away spurs in her knees that had started to be too much to bear. The point is her fitness levels and eagerness to get back to her exercise activities helped her recovery and healing time remarkably.

Note: Please speak to your doctor and confirm you are fit enough to try out these activities

Friends use the good weather to vary your exercise activities which helps with the boredom and monotony of indoor routines and reinvigorates your commitment to your daily exercise routine. I trust you will get out there and have some fun with the exercise suggestions offered. Please leave a comment below on your thoughts, views and experiences and until the next time be well, stay safe and take care all the best to you all.



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