Combination Physical Mental Emotional Social Well-Being

Hello to you all and welcome to this article dealing with new trends in 2020 regarding how exercise is viewed, implemented and how it is undertaken in the social company of others. So it is a combination of physical mental emotional social well-being that is focused on fitness not abs.  Due to COVID 19 however, … Read more

Best Exercise Wearable – Clothes And Gadgets Technology

Hello friends, Welcome to another edition of your most favourable blog on exercise and fitness. In today’s offering, we are going to cover the ‘ best exercise wearable’ in both clothes’ and gadgetry, how technology has evolved and incorporated in them to make them additionally useful to serve our exercise needs. Hopefully, we are able … Read more

Best Items In Home Gym

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Nutrition Tips For Exercise – For Over 40

Introduction   In this article we are going to be exploring the important topic of nutrition.  How it is essential to amalgamate previous articles with what we have understood about cutting edge exercise routines.  Critical aspects in my view, regarding its combination with movement and subsequent mind control. The introduction of nutrition tips for exercise … Read more

How To Live A Better Life – Do Community Exercise

New Trend Community Exercise – Our Health Is Wealth. With the promise I made in my first article to introduce as we go along new trends in exercise routines for over 40. Another new trend of ‘how to live a better life’ is community exercise. This is a really beneficial way of uniting people to … Read more

What Is The Best Exercise Routine – For Over 40

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About Me

Welcome! Thank you for seeking to know more, be informed and get the answers you seek.   This site is specifically designed and diligently developed to serve mature people who are seeking exercise fitness advice. To find out in one location, well researched and comprehensively consolidated information about their complete exercise requirements. We grow older … Read more