Benefits Of Physical Inactivity – are there any

Hello friends and welcome to this article about any Benefits To Physical Inactivity- are there any ? We live in a world that has been inactive for 4 months. Also, there is plenty of material educational, visual etc about the benefits of physical activity. However, in the western world especially in the US and the UK obesity rates continue to climb. Consequently, the health service budgets continue to bear the costs of overwhelming numbers of inactive people continue to soar. The money is minor in comparison to the equally large very sad number incapacity and premature death rates.



What is physical inactivity

Physical inactivity describes people that are inactive. Normally it describes peopleBenefits - Of - Physical - Inactivity - are - there - any who are not getting their recommended guideline of moderate and intense activity as set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and National Governments. These guidelines are readily available and moderate activities include home exercise, climbing stairs, housework, walking, dancing and gardening. Vigorous intense activities include strength training, running or jogging, cycling fast, swimming fast, race walking, hiking uphill and heavy gardening digging and hoeing.

Even though there are these moderate and intensive activities and more. There is a very glaringly obvious reluctance by people generally to do them. It is difficult to understand why there is this reluctance. There has been much written, presented through presentations both visually and in discussion. How does this happen when the majority of people know that not doing physical activity is not advisable. Also, that it is extremely bad for them their health and their lives.

How do we reverse this and ensure that people are living their lives to the full. What will it take to make people understand that failure to do physical activity is shortening their lives. It is doing so by increasing the risk of chronic diseases to them. What will motivate them to do physical activity daily to improve the quality of their lives let us explore further.



How do consequences to physical inactivity affect people

Benefits - Of - Physical - Inactivity - are - there - anyThere are many disadvantages and consequences of not doing physical activity. Physical inactivity we know increases the risk of certain heart (cardiovascular) diseases. Inactivity contributes to anxiety and depression affecting mind and emotional well-being. Physical inactivity increases the risk of certain cancers. Consequently, we do know that physical activity lessens the risks to all the above.

Thus, how do we get across that the consequences for not doing any physical activity are severe. How do we better educate those that refuse to participate. Thereby making the consequences on their selves far worse and more severe. Do we need to understand and educate ourselves on the psychology  persuading us to be inactive rather than active.

Consequently do we need to educate ourselves further that we are what we eat. Piling on the calories without burning the necessary calories off in return to help us equally keep the weight off.



Why are the health risks of an inactive lifestyle so bad

The health risks for an inactive lifestyle are very serious and include the following :

Obesity : Is a widespread problem in the US and progressively in the UK. It is very destructive as it disallows physical activity once the weight has piled on.  It becomes much more difficult to reverse this trend. Consequently, benefits from daily physical activity such as ease of movement, healthier joints, strong muscles and good health fade away. The effects to the mind are equally crippling, self-esteem decreases and effort to look good is not a priority. Less favourable mood swings become more frequent too.

Heart diseases ; These include artery, coronary diseases and heart attack. This is one of the most prolific killers of Americans and the British with numbers increasing yearly. Hence, it is essential that we all do what we can. We needto halt its tragic advance in our societies and its people.

Stroke : A stroke is a medical condition where blood flowing to the brain results in cell death. Consequently, there are two recognized types of stroke, one is ischaemic which is due to lack of blood flow. The second is haemorrhagic which is due to bleeding. As a result, both cause in certain parts of the brain no longer functioning properly. Tobacco smoking and high blood pressure are known to be the main factors. Strokes are second most prolific killer of Americans and the British.

High blood pressure : This is a common condition. Long term force of blood against your artery walls is sufficiently high enough to cause health problems.

Metabolic Syndrome : A combination of conditions which happen together. They increase your risk of stroke heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Also, this condition includes high blood sugar, too much body fat around the waist, high blood pressure and not normal cholesterol levels.

Certain cancers ; These are the cause of approximately 9.6 million deaths world wide according to the WHO in 2018. The five behavioural and dietary risks low vegetable and fruit intake, high body mass index, physical inactivity, tobacco. According to the WHO these behavioural factors account for 30% of total deaths.

The cancer found in males is Lung, colorectal, prostate and stomach. While cancer found in females is breast, lung, colorectal and cervical.

Type 2 Diabetes ; Type II diabetes is a form of diabetes that involves insulin resistance, high blood sugar level and relatively a lack of insulin. Common symptoms of Type II diabetes are frequent urination, unexplained wight loss and increased thirst.



Why do people choose sedentary inactivity – the psychology

The link between physical activity and well-being has had the greater attention. Hence, it formed the initial first wave to convince people that physical activity was good. As it offered a healthier body and mind to produce overall well-being. These studies without intent found a number of things that pointed to the relationship between the mind and inactivity. Consequently, it was seen that physical inactivity and well-being provided a definite link. The study also asked why there was so much inaction. As a result it also pointed to the socioeconomic factors that made it difficult to be active, have a good diet and social interaction generally that the employed as opposed to the unemployed enjoyed.

Basically a number of studies concluded that those at the bottom of the society the unemployed, the disabled and unfortunate did not have the resources or wherewithal to be active both financially and socially. As a result of being social cast outs they felt the same and were thrown into further depression affecting their well-being and self-esteem. Financially hampered they could not afford a good diet or engage with peers in known pleasurable activities. These include holidays, trips out bowling, or playing volleyball on the beach. These unfortunate people were not car owners. Even if they were they did not have funds to buy the fuel to get them to different places.

It is easy to see how this can explain how the numbers of inactive people far outnumber those that are active. It also goes a long way to explain that in order to be active, healthier and eating the right foods’ is based on available money in hand. Thus as the world economic climate has worsened so have the number of people feeling cast out from society.  Unable to do activities they previously did for lack of resources. Unemployment is a growing problem and given these findings we can expect the obesity, feeling unworthy and discontent spiralling further into health and well-being issues.



How can I make physical activity fun

Therefore in order to break the cycle of lack of resources which leads to feelings of inadequacy which demand unhealthy food. Perhaps we should offer those in that predicament alternatives to change such a change in mind set and how they approach things. Make physical activity fun to do and not requiring any additional money resources and whatever saved goes towards a healthier diet.

Our objectives must be to get across that physical activity is a bonus. Activity makes the heart grow stronger, builds strength in the muscles, gets them outdoors to absorb vitamin D. Also any calories burnt are only going to be of benefit and all of these are going to additionally bring with them health and well-being effects.

If they are going to exercise then they may as well try to get the best diet they can afford. A stronger mind set of exercising daily will additionally help in making the right eating choices too. It follows if They are going to make a choice to be physically active then they may as well be making the right diet choices to add to that effort.

Daily physical activity will help in reminding that they are making the right choices. Hence, continue to make those good choices in other areas of their lives.




Types of fun physical activity that does not require money


Walking : Walking at a brisk pace for 15-20 minutes achieves a mile walked and does not cost a cent.

Hiking : Another fantastic physical activity if your have open spaces around your.

Dancing : A great way to have fun and physical activity in your own sitting room.

Rough housing with the kids: Everyone enjoys being a kid again and Benefits - Of - Physical - Inactivity - are - there - anychildren or grandchildren are always up for it.

Clean the house : House cleaning is always required so roll your sleeves up and get stuck in.

Climb on things : If there is a wood nearby climbing on fallen tree trunks exploring is great physical activity and fun.

Try hand stands : Go to the park and try hand stands, cartwheels, somersaults whatever your enjoy great core activity.

Yoga : Great for flexibility and joints activity. It also helps in mind relaxation and meditation.

Go to a play ground : Did your know your can use the playground in the park as a gym. (See video below).

Use the stairs : If it is only a couple of flight of stairs don’t use the lift climb the stairs.

Sit in a squat or pike position : That’s right when your watching TV sit up in a proper position not leaning on the couch.

Have impromptu picnics : Even if its in the back yard if no nearby wood it still gets your body adapting to twists and bends and in different positions as your arrange things.

impromptu dance parties: Dance around the house or rock it with the latest dance craze it is all good.

Staying active with the kids: Children never like to sit still and your should be active with them and have fun.

Fidget : You read it right. Fidget fingers, toes, part of the body the idea is to not keep still.




What is healthier eating

Benefits - Of - Physical - Inactivity - are - there - anyAs in the above with physical activity we have to use psychology and science to bring people who are used to eating unhealthily to eating a more healthier diet. There is no use to force or brow beat no one needs to be told that kale smoothies are more nutritious than a hamburger. However, a hamburger is tastier, they are cheap and do not need to be cooked and for families with very little to spend they are the preferred and easiest option.

It is not required that fast food is given up entirely and perfectly OK to eat once in a while only not as the normal daily meals. This is because they may be terrified of not eating fast food ever again if we browbeat into an immediate healthier diet and that alone.

The message to get across is to be able to recognize that they require to think longer term and be more aware of what foods’ to say yes to and what foods’ to say no. The yes foods’ have fewer calories and more energy than junk foods’. foods’ result we are seeking is in this way less total calories will be consumed without realizing it and that is the science.

Thus a realistic definition of healthier foods’ can be foods’ that can be eaten regularly, that do not make me miserable and provide energy through the day.

Most websites, books and doctors offer in general the same list of healthier foods’.


Fresh fruits and vegetables.

Protein like meat and legumes.

Healthy carbohydrates like rice, quinoa.

Healthy fats like almonds and olive oil.

Occasional cheese and dairy.


This list of healthier foods’ comes up because they are full of nutrients and vitamins. These foods’ are also lower in calories and are not processed specifically to be overeaten. As a result these foods’ fill us up and make us feel full up for longer which keeps us under our optimum calorie content to be taken for the day. If we are able to convince those that are inactive among us to choose these foods’ even on occasion it will help towards the march to maintenance and weight loss.




We have in this article explored why there are so many people choosing to be not active and eating an unhealthy diet. We asked if there where any benefits to physical inactivity and have discovered that there are none but only from an overall view of being disabled or infirmed. Even if disabled and infirmed it is from a cost and inability view. The benefits all come from physical activity and a healthier diet.

If we can all convince those that we know who are inactive for socio economic reasons and lack of money that we can change that. Educating, showing and offering alternatives that require very little or no money in being physically active and eating a more healthier diet using both psychology and science. We would have achieved a great service for those that we know and in our circles it is possible to change. As a result live a happier and healthier life and maintain their well-being, we would have achieved something worthy indeed.

Thank your for reading this article and trust your have enjoyed it. As ever, please contact me for any further matters your wish to discuss or find out about on my contact details provided above. Please also interact and present an insight of your views to others by starting a conversation in the comments section below. Stay safe, take care and all the best to your all until the next time




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