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Welcome to another edition of your most favourable blog on exercise and fitness. In today’s offering, we are going to cover the ‘ best exercise wearable’ in both clothes’ and gadgetry, how technology has evolved and incorporated in them to make them additionally useful to serve our exercise needs. Hopefully, we are able to identify the best exercise wearable in both categories. Trust you will enjoy reading this article so if you are sitting comfortably we can begin.


What is wearable smart clothing technology

Smart clothing is known by many other names such as e clothing, smart wear, e-textiles, smart garments etc. Clothes which have been interwoven with electronic circuitry. This allows smart clothes to be utilized to communicate through WI-FI or Bluetooth with other technologies. Such as a smartphone and other devices to make them more functional than their normal traditional role. Many companies such as @Google,, @Samsung,, @UndeArmour, @ATHOS and @OMSignal  are developing further. They all hope to get them as smart as a smartphone. While the clothes’ industry is very excited about the prospects and sees them as the future in the industry.


The newest trendy smart clothes’ wearable for exercise


Ambiotex smart shirts are a serious bit of kit and their compression-style means you are pretty fit yourself to wear them. They have integrated built-in sensors with a clip-on box to record the data. They will measure the anaerobic threshold, fitness. Stress level and heart rate variability. Available in real-time data on a compatible phone app. linking your training program, insights into your biometric data. This boosts the capability to optimize training and recovery substantially. It is not however pushing out the boat as far as comparison with competing garments. Nevertheless, it does a very competent job with the statistics. Serving to help with aim of keeping track of your exercise routine.



Athos Core

Athos wear is at the cutting edge, at the forefront in the industry. Its clothes’ are designed to measure a fair amount such as your heart rate, muscle activity down to your breathing rate. A small electronic capsule is glued to the garments as its main design idea. This synchronizes with the integrated sensors. Thus delivers collected data in their range of shirts and shorts via Bluetooth to your smartphone.






AIO Smart Sleeve

Best - Exercise - WearableAlthough manufacturers ‘Komodo Technologies have had failed starts with this they have still managed to overcome and produce a compression sleeve that utilizes electrocardiogram (ECG) technology that monitors heart rate among others such as workout intensity and sleep and comes in two different modules which are capable through sensors to also monitor air quality, body temperature and even UV rays. Although as you can see it covers a wide array already. Thus envisaged that further measures will detect heart inflammation, coronary heart disease and measure stress levels.




Power Sports Bra

This combines a heart rate sensor and a smart bra that is distinctively colourful in appearance. Beat - Exercise - WearableIt is water-resistant and links to its app via Bluetooth. It does this through invisible biometric sensors sensing exercise workouts to UV rays. Offered in small, medium and large sizes however you will also require to buy a reactor for your health data. Therefore in addition to the price of the @Supa bra.




Signal Smart Bra

Best - Exercise - WearableAfter supplying the @Ralpph Lauren smart shirts for the US open, @OMSignal has concentrated on fixing the teething issues on its women sports bra and in the process of doing so made it smarter. The bra now registers heart rate, breathing rates and recovery rate. Consequently, it informs when it is safe for you to go back to your exercise routine. It also has advantages as it synchronizes with most fitness platforms. Offers adjustable bra with cups, padding and straps. Therefore designed so that it satisfy ‘s your requirements to fit properly.





Athos Training Clothes

Although @Athos is mainly focused on expensive medical technology, Its training clothes’ come with integrated micro weaved EMG sensors that are designed to detect which muscles are working and send this data through Bluetooth to a smartphone. Breathing, heart rate and muscle movement effort are all monitored. Thus present you with very helpful data to keep track of to avoid injury and keep safe. It is possible that this range encompasses most of the items in addition to training pants. As a result able to claim that they have presented you at all times with a personal trainer.



HOVR Connected Sneakers

Best - Exercise - Wearable@Under Armour Armour have cleverly designed Sonic & Phantom Sneakers for both men and women. Offered ranges which retain the zero gravity and premium comfort obtained in all their sneakers. They automatically track statistics from your performance on exercise workouts in the same way as a wearable.  Providing real-time statistics over a range of physical fitness. Thus including going the extra mile  (forgive the pun) in measuring your gait. This shows how far they will go in an attempt to minimize any risk of injury. An admirable path to follow in their wish to keep us safe during our exercise routines.




Siren Socks

Last but not least, believe that these are a worthwhile inclusion as not every smart clothing Best - Exercise - Wearableis just focusing on fitness or getting you fitter with the @Siren socks they are helping to prevent diabetic’s foot injuries which because of safety a very important pillar for us are worthy to mention. They have microsensors woven into the fabric to sense heat and monitor for temperature rises. This alert the user with a smartphone text message or notification for inflammation. The idea is to guard against injuries before they occur. Inflammation leads to foot ulcers and they normally suffer from numbness as a result of nerve damage. However not yet available on the market.

What Activity Tracker wearable is the most accurate


Fitness Trackers & Gadgets

The conversation about these gadgets appear to centre around these gadgets fall into three categoriesBest - Exercise - Wearable fitness trackers, smartwatches and our smartphones as we have seen above it is wise to include some alternatives here too as there is no one fits all needs and may help you hone in on your preferred fitness tracker and watch as your smartphone is already a given with most people today. However, there are many useful others and we shall go into some of these here too.



Fitbit Charge 3

Best - Exercise - WearableThis is a multitracker which includes SmartTrack to automatically track workouts, all-day heart monitoring and step counting. It is so smart you can for our women readers include the tracking of the menstrual cycle. As a result it as an added option on the dashboard. These metrics are viewed on the @Fitbit app. Now recognized to be the best interface for the suite in health and wellness tracking. The recently updated version has included the pulse oximeter helping you track blood oxygen levels when they are asleep.

This wearable has a pause feature when you require to stop exercising for any reason. Consequently, you are able to pick up where you left off. It also incorporates new goal-based modes to help in timing them to achieve them. The smart notification will allow you to get social media, email notifications and receive text messages. Thus allowing you to respond to them on the spot. Therefore ideal for a fitness band indeed.




Samsung Galaxy Fit

Claiming the best android spot, this can track six different workouts automatically however the capabilityBest - Exercise - Wearable to add over 90 more workouts is a very handy feature. The automatic detection allows for immediate starts to your workout without the need to fiddle with the watch. It also shows the data required such as pace and elapsed time. It nudges into action if you have been inactive and gently prompts to take some time in the movement. Galaxy Fit @samsung is also is the most cost-effective on the market currently.




Apple Watch Series 5


Best - Exercise - WearableFor the best IOS, we don’t have to go further than the @ Apple series 5 watch which has been upgraded for longer battery life with faster processing time and performance over the much-acclaimed series 4. Its functionality is useful breadth is well known. Fitness attributes include onboard heart monitoring, GPS tracking an altimeter for changes in altitude. Handily waterproof to 50 meters. Offers a wide array of workouts and also reminds you to get up and move after long periods of inactivity. It, of course, includes Bluetooth and very much improved Siri support and also the inclusion of wireless headphones. All this pretty much beats everything else on the market in terms of features. As a result that comes in with being the most expensive too.




Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale

Best - Exercise - WearableAlthough @Fitbit’s fitness trackers are the centre of attention they have produced an awesome smart bathroom scale with a difference. Through its connectivity, it offers plenty in tracking weight loss and in getting into better shape. Obviously it acts as a scale for your weight but get this and it tracks the percentage of body fat. This then is able to produce your body mass index (BMI). Thoroughly multi-functional and can track eight individuals privately. Thus provides charts and graphs that produce a discrete picture of weight loss and health in privacy.






Power Dot Electrical Muscle Stimulator

When we exercise we tend to ignore aches and pains thinking a hot shower will do the trick. However, as we Best - Exercise - Wearablehave learned previously post work out recovery is important because that dull ache or soreness may be or lead to an injury. @PowerDot is just the solution as serious athletes know for wearing them and regulating through their smartphones the amount of stimulation they require on the go. An electric muscle stimulator with pads to attach to the affected area and is both lightweight and portable. Both IOS/Android compatible it provides a walk through the process with no need for training. The greatest benefit is the recovery is faster and regular use ensures you are less prone to aches and pains. The muscles that are stimulated get back in shape in a shortened time span. Thus allowing for the regular exercise that we need.



Vyper 2 Vibrating Fitness Roller

Best - Exercise - WearableWe have learned previously that foam fitness rollers have been around for awhile!. They help in the warm-up to an exercise routine. Equally, they do the same in a wind-down to the said activity. Vyper 2 @Hyperspace presents a new offer by developing a vibrating roller with a long-lasting battery. This allows for a charge of up to 2hrs of use before the next charge. It improves the activity by reducing muscle fatigue, improving circulation and easier muscle recovery. Consequently  better preparation for the next exercise session. This is twice as effective than their standard roller range as claimed by the producer. Thus it is safer in terms of downtime and risk of injury.




There is a lot to consider in what is available in the market. The offers presented in no way cover the vast range of similar and alternative products available. The criteria are considering the low impact, movement, and safety aspects are foremost with cost-effectiveness included. The objective is to find out what is the best exercise wearable, in both smart clothes’ and gadgets presented.  Please give me some feedback through the comments section below or contact me through my contact details. Don’t forget to let me know which you think is your best choice in both the smart clothes’ and gadgets. As always thank you very kindly for your attention and trust that it is an interesting, informative and enjoyable interaction. Looking forward to you joining in for the next article looking at more new trends.

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  6. What a great article this is, smart wearables are great especially for athletes like soccer players. I see them wearing vests which collects data and can be later analyzed as part of coaching.

    In this article, I am particularly interested in Ambiotex smart shirts, from what I read it is amazing what this does. Do you know if it can be synced with GPS watches? I am working on something similar for a small project I have just started

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    HOVR Connected Sneakers is very helpful both men and women which retain zero gravity and automatically track performance. Its also minimize risk of injury.

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