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Introduction – Answering How To Set Up Your Exercise Space


Welcome and very pleased that you are here. To follow all the new trends, advice and tips in the world of exercise.

Today we are following up from the last offering on the best home exercise equipment to today’s offering looking at the ‘best items in home gym’. However, before we start looking at the items. Make adequate space when exercising in order that your walls are not scuffed. Your equipment and items are not clanging against each other. Hence you are operating in a safe environment for you, your gym equipment and items.

You may wish to follow these practical, logical steps too:

Set a time for your scheduled exercise daily. Have a plan on the set of exercise routines you have selected. Make your space well ventilated, with a fan or air conditioner and dehumidifier. Especially in the hot summer months as breathing during exercise is essential. Which we have identified previously throughout the routine.

Plan your layout of machinery and equipment so that you are not squeezing or potentially tripping over something. When you are called to answer the door as an example. Have music set up as it is a very good way to exercise. Great as it gets you in the mood as you exercise to the rhythm of the beat. Consequently, it gets you ‘pumped up’ is the expression in the modern world.

Have access to a water cooler or even a water bottle to ensure you are hydrated at all times.

Use Mats so you are not slipping for traction when you are doing floor exercises.


What items should I buy for the gym



You will not be surprised that there are many makes and models in this range however stay onBest - Items - In - Home - Gym the right side by thinking along these lines. Previously people had to get different weights of dumbbells to go in between different exercises. Now there are dumbbells that incorporate different weights. Which is as you can imagine a much more cost-effective way of getting them. Offer all your needs in adding or subtracting weights within the one dumbbell.

It is also a good idea to look out for ones with a comfort grip and mouldings between the weights. They offer easier exercise handling routines. Such as when you are laying on your back while working with dumbbells above you.



Exercise Training Rope

Best - Items - In - Home - GymHere again the ropes of yesteryear that used to fray and had to be replaced frequently are no longer the case. Today ropes are available in durable materials that won’t break or fray and incorporate weight. They also have easy-grip features and their use is very popular for arm, legs, abs, back and core. Ropes have always been an essential part of exercising. With weight incorporated it can be said to be more intensive and is an interval training technique. They are known to improve both natural strength, agility and stamina quite quickly. While upping the levels of these quite dramatically.





Medicine Ball

When thinking back these were used quite funnily in movies of old however again improvements have Best - Items - In - Home - Gymallowed for differing weights, easy grip and are meant to help with wrist and forearm strength dependent on weight and also work on your core, coordination and balance. With the different wights available you will soon realize your capabilities and which is the best one for you. Get a similar weight you are thinking about and try it out that way. The weight of the ball you require will become evident to you.




Exercise Mat

Best - Items - In - Home - GymWe have a range of these and they are available in many materials. They are not only for use as yoga exercise mats but a variety of exercises. They provide extra traction and comfort support when using dumbbells for overhead exercises. While laying on your back rather than the bare floor. Used for flexibility in doing exercises on the go. You can exercise in the park on a sunny day if you choose. Materials used in producing them now make them sweat resistant and easily wiped down with soapy water. Hence allows them to be as new after use on grassy or other surfaces.






Aerobic Deck

This is a really handy item as it is designed to not only take care of your exercise needs but also folds neatly into a corner and has useful storage space for your ropes, elastics and other items such as hand weights which can be stored within it.

For your exercise needs, it covers through varying positions to be varying versatile. In the flat position, you are able to get in some flat workbench routines. Including step, jump and lunges. In the inclined position, it is targeting upper chest routines from fly’s to presses. For the decline position, you are able to clip on resistance bands. These enable you to do crunches or standing rows as you are at a perfect angle for them. A well-designed item.









Adjustable Bench

Best - Items - In - Home - GymSimilarly, the adjustable bench is also a very good item that caters for a full-body workout. Designed to get your legs, arms and core better toned. Stabilizers do not allow for slipping about no matter the surface when you are working out. It is capable to provide up to five positions. Offering you a choice to concentrate on the area of the body to maximum effect.

Easily set up, affordable and normally incorporates a leg developer to enhance hamstring training for example. This provides for a low impact routine effected comfortably from its well-positioned foam rollers. Hence you are comfortable working throughout the routines.





Ab Roller

The ab roller also known as the ab carver has been an unbeatable way what to get a serious core Best - Items - In - Home - Gymexercise work out for very little expended. It is very easy to use and some come in an ergonomic design to be gentle on your floors. Also for your palms as easy grips transfer the concentration of exercise to your abs. Some may come with an e-book and even knee pads to be safer of potential to harm your knees. It is an abs exercise with a serious objective of providing you with a toned six-pack inexpensively.





Power Reels Exerciser

Best - Items - In - Home - Gym

With these, you are able to work up to seven muscle groups. They include your abs, arms, chest, backs, shoulders, legs and core. Well supported with how to use downloadable material. Handy if you are unable to be fully creative in the range of exercises they offer. Very easy to store and compact normally weighing very little. Offer real value for money.






Exercise Stability Ball

Recommended normally by physiotherapists, this versatile ball is available for you to hop on and ride onBest - Items - In - Home - Gym. Made by various manufactures they are an easy way to get your breath back. While still offering to tone muscle. Typically, able to take the weight of up to 2000lbs. When selecting choose a good brand as you don’t want them to burst while you are on them. An addition of a pump saves lungs breaking. Thus you don’t have to top up by blowing into them to maintain air capacity.




Aerobic Platform

This is designed to help with your leg muscles through stepping on and off however because you are able to work up a sweat it is a hybrid form of a cardio work out too. Design built to hold weights from 350 – 500lbs. With risers, they normally increase height in three steps from 4 through 6 and then to 8 inches. Durable and compact making for easy storage they normally weigh approximately 20lbs. This renders them to be portable too. Cost-effective item to add to your workout exercise sessions.





Foam Roller

These were very trendy and lost popularity as a result of warping after six months of use. They are Best - Items - In - Home - Gymagain being sought as newer versions will not warp no matter the weight they absorb thus much more durable. Very popular with Physical Therapists for use on damaged muscles for their comfort and ease of use. They help to build obliques, quads, core and back muscles. Lightweight and easy to store they take very little space while being cost-effective.



As you can see this is not an exhaustive list but carefully selected to fulfil our particular goals. We identified right from the beginning our need to use light impact exercise to keep our bodies maintained. With less wear and tear in the exercise routines required to keep us agile and supple into our older years. Our drive to obtain the ‘best items in home gym’. Has provided us with a very good selection in cost-effective value for money exercise equipment items. Which are easy to store and maintain while taking up as little space as possible.

As always thank you for your time in reading this blog. If you have any questions please contact me through the contact details above. As always will welcome your comments in the comments section below. Next time we will look at the technology offered in wearables.

Thank you again for your kind company and look forward to interacting with you in the next blog offering. Take care of yourselves through exercise and all the best in your endeavours. Please do your required exercises safely, effectively and efficiently. All the best to you all.



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  1. These are all great items, but if you have space I also recommend a treadmill, it’s really important to work on cardio too and the weather isn’t always nice outside. I own a reebok jet 100 and really recommend it. Thanks a lot for sharing this article, I’ll add an Aerobic Deck to my set!

    • Hello,

      Thank you for dropping and and placing your kind

      comment. The criteria of space, durability and cost effectiveness where

      what were used to select these items and it really is a matter of preference

      as to what you may wish to include in your home gym.

      Thanks again for your kind comments and suggestion.


  2. A very well-written article about a home fitness center. I do fitness at home approximately every second day and I do have some items out of your list already. (mat, rope) What I would like to have are the dumbbells. You wrote that there are dumbbells that incorporate different weights. how exactly does that work? Because all I could find until now are the ones with set up weight. In general, the idea to have own fitness at home is just perfect. You can exercise in any weather, you are not losing time with getting to the public center and it is for free -;) Perfect post!

    • Hello Julius,

      Thank you for coming in and leaving a kind comment.

      Newly developed dumbbells are as you see in the picture provided

      designed to slide weights on and off as you wish and as required in

      your routines. I am working on product reviews and will make sure

      to alert you when they are done so you are able to specifically see product


      Thank you again for your very kind comments.


  3. Thanks for your detailed article regarding the best items for your home gym. As an over 40 (by quite a few years) I think it is vital that we exercise regularly. By having simple equipment to hand at home enables people to get their daily exercise without having to join a gym. Also as you have pointed out with your items this doesn’t have to take up much room or cost a fortune. Thanks for the info 🙂 

    • Hello Martin,

      Thank you for your time in stopping to leave a very kind comment.

      It is exactly for the reasons you state that the article was written!

      Thank you again and you are most welcome.


  4. Wow really great article.
    I liked your post. Thank you for sharing this great article with us and giving everyone a chance to discuss it. I enjoyed the post
    I am interested in home practice. But home practice equipment. And I have no idea what the right place should be like when practicing. Your post helped me learn the right place and practice tool. Gym items for the gym will slowly start home practice. I hope that by following the tips I will succeed. I will definitely share my experience with you.

    I think others will enjoy the exercise tools by reading this post.

    • Hello Tasmia,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments.

      I am very glad that you have found it useful and intend to use it as a guide

      to what providing a home gym entails.

      Thank you so much again,


  5. Thanks for the article. Truly your article is informative.

    You have posted about the best items in-home gym. I have made my home gym two years ago. I always think about my health. A healthy body is needed for daily life. For a peaceful and harmonious one should go for physical workout. So body health can be well. I have a lot of gym items in my home. I use them every day. But I have no aerobic deck and an adjustable bench. They are really useful products. I will buy them soon. I hope it will make my energy and strength level high. Thanks for the post.

    • Hello,

      Thank you ever so kindly for your time in leaving a very kind comment.

      Yes the both the aerobic deck and the adjustable bench are very good additions indeed.

      They are both cost effective too.

      Thank you so much again for your kind comments.


  6. Great and amazing article I must say. It’s so important to have a Gym in every home to keep you fit at all times. My best gyming equipment for me is Power Peels Exerciser. It helps in building up my muscles and making me feel strong and agile at all times. It is really of great value but I will also love to try other gyming equipment to build up my stamina even more. I render the article very helpful and please keep up the good work

    • Hello,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a kind comment.

      Yes indeed home gyms are becoming very popular for the very reasons you state and I

      am glad you value your Power Peels so highly they truly are very good!

      Thank you very again much for your sentiments.


  7. I mean, really you would think this advice should be common sense. Especially to do with ventilation.

    I remember back in middle school we had this local, somewhat solid gym that although had decent gear, it had zero means of ventilating. I mean, zero means, not even exaggerating. The closest thing we had to ventilating was open the small entrance door. There were no windows to open. No nothing.

    I mean, in a typical case, as you entered the gym, your eyes teared up due to the insane smell. And boy did we develop a tolerance for smells. And summer months were even worse. I mean, generally speaking, that gym was pretty okay but the ventilation killed our passion about it. And so over time, me and many of my mates we really started to despise exercising there. While I switched to running and doing short workouts at home, others I feel have just become fat. 

    I just really wanted to illustrate how important something rather trivial like that actually is. I feel many undervalue that.

    Other than that, really enjoyed the article. Medicine ball is something I feel I could be adding to my little gym. Also, got really thinking about an aerobic deck. Foam Rollers were something I hadn’t heard before, I will look into those, too. Above all, I appreciate the insight. 


    • Hello Matiss,

      Thank you very much for taking the time to kindly comment.

      You are right of course that one would think that ventilation would be a logical addition.

      However as your old gym has proved that not all consider it and the unfortunate thing it

      puts people off doing exercise daily which is essential. Glad you found the article both interesting

      and informative regarding your future requirements for exercise.

      Thank you again for your kind comments they are much appreciated.



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