Best Pieces Home Exercise Equipment – Can You Get Your Hands On Them


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Welcome to this article about the ‘best pieces of home exercise equipment – can you get your hands on them’. Since April exercise equipment has been scarce. The truth is we get most of our exercise equipment from china and they stopped producing in January. This caused a break down in the supply chains.  Followed by a surge in demand as a result of the lockdowns.


Decided to use my skills in sourcing to help you find where you can get equipment at amazing prices currently. Also, especially if we are going to be affected by a second wave and further lockdowns.


What are the best pieces of home exercise equipment for over 50


The best equipment are the Elliptical, Recumbent Exercise Bike; Rowing Machine and the All in one exercise unit.



Best - Pieces - Home - Exercise - Equipment - Can - You - Get - Your - Hands - On - ThemIt also includes The Stability Ball, Skipping Rope, Wrist Weights and the Yoga Mat.

For all of the above equipment, space is a major consideration in the home. Even for the non-equipment pieces mentioned some room to do exercises on them also requires some consideration.


It is also sensible to be realistic as a pull-up bar for someone who is not an experienced exerciser. To be set up in the home is not a very good idea. Neither are the bulky pieces of equipment. They will take up a lot of space and will be expensive to obtain. They were specifically designed and built for commercial spaces like an exercise gym.


Should I get a home gym


It may be wise to head in this direction as gyms close and there is a possibility that we face a second lockdown. Lockdowns aside a home gym is less expensive than a gym membership. In addition are the costs of getting to and from one. It is also much more convenient for keeping you in shape comfortably located in your own home.


The challenge is what to include and what space you wish to allocate. Some may find a single piece of equipment from the ones mentioned above is more than sufficient for their needs. Some may find the boredom factor of doing the same exercises too much to accept. They may wish to include other apparatus to break the monotony. The inclusion of other exercises with different equipment is also useful for targeting other muscles in the body.


There is also the factor of cost and affordability when equipping a home gym. How much you are willing to devote to a budget dictates the number of equipment contained in your gym. It is down to you as what you will be happy with in terms of your requirements.





What exercises should seniors avoid


All high impact exercises that place strain on the body should be avoided. Long-distance running, dead weight lifting, high-intensity interval training, abdominal crunches, leg press, bench press, squats with dumbells and weights, power lifts and rock climbing are not advised.



The above are only a guide. Each individual has a unique set of circumstances regarding their current state of health, ailments and dexterity. It may be wise while considering these to consult with your doctor or an exercise coach. They will advise what exercises to avoid. This ensures a complete picture of what you can’t and shouldn’t do.


The objective remember is to avoid any injuries and to exercise safely within individual capabilities. Exercise should be enjoyable as the gain from it comes with consistent daily application. It is certainly not to dissuade yourself from doing exercise because it is too stressful. Causing you harm through an injury is also not an objective.


What exercises should seniors embrace


Best - Pieces - Home - Exercise - Equipment - Can - You - Get - Your - Hands - On - Them

The top 5 easy exercises to embrace are Yoga, Chair Exercises, Stretching Exercises, Light Weights and stretch Bands and Walking. To these, you can use your imagination or from sound advise Water Aerobics, Kayaking, Hill Walking, Swimming, Golf etc.


Anything that does not place too much strain on your body, muscles or joints that you enjoy doing. You will be glad of doing them as they help you in so many beneficial ways. Not only physically but mentally and psychologically.


The benefits are a fitter better you. Able to remain a productive adult. To negotiate better the hardships that life continuously throws our way confidently and capably.


What are the top 5 best home exercise machines for over 50


Exercise is most beneficial to us and we have to do our best to be diligent in doing it every day to become fit after the 50’s. Best - Pieces - Home - Exercise - Equipment - Can - You - Get - Your - Hands - On - Them


The best top 5 exercise equipment are the Rowing Machine, Lateral Pull Down machine, Elliptical Machine, Recumbent Bike and All in one Exercise Unit.


All the above are very useful as stand-alone for all your needs for exercise. Some argue that they are insufficient on their own only that is a matter of opinion. They will all fulfil your daily need for exercise right from the comfort of your home. No matter the weather conditions outside.


In terms of cost, they are a lot more cost-effective than equipping a full home gym. You can add some auxiliaries, a skipping rope, exercise ball or some stretch bands to vary the daily exercise.


How about the all in one exercise unit as a stand-alone


Best - Pieces - Home - Exercise - Equipment - Can - You - Get - Your - Hands - On - Them

The all in one stand-alone exercise system is both very useful and cost-effective. Compared to the cost of equipping a full gym. Opinion as always is as diverse as the many combinations of exercise they provide from one unit.


The space constraints are easier to consider with so many designs available. It is not too difficult to find one to fit your particular space requirement.


Their versatility in the combinations of exercises they provide also solves the issue of monotony. Hence allows for constant improvement. The muscles are being challenged with different combinations of exercise. They will not be getting used to the same routine daily providing for a diminished rate of return effect.



Dear friends, we have concluded what the ‘best pieces for home equipment – can you get your hands on them’ are. We have also explored what exercises we should be doing and what exercises we should not. To help arrive at what are the best pieces of exercise equipment for you to select.


The only item we have not answered is where can we lay our hands on them.


Given the current shortages of exercise equipment. My sourcing search has led me to Gym and Fitness in Australia. They not only have all these in stock currently and are very reputable.


They offer some very amazing deals on price please see review. They are well worth a visit from you for your exercise equipment needs.


Please help me to help you by engaging in the comments section below with your views on this article. It is only through interaction that it is possible to serve you and your needs better.  Therefore please feel free to air your views it does not matter if they are positive or negative. All your views are very welcome. Your comments will help guide us in moving forward in the right direction. It also helps to serve and offer a better enjoyable experience for you in future articles. Be safe, take care and all the best to you until the next time.



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8 thoughts on “Best Pieces Home Exercise Equipment – Can You Get Your Hands On Them”

  1. Wow…what a terrific fitness website. This is so easy to navigate and full of terrific information for those that are serious about their health.

    I have personally enjoyed it because of my recent workout program. At 70years of age, I looked in the mirror…just once! That was enough.

    You covered many great areas, including equipment, health and wellness, exercise, and much more. You have been very thorough, and it’s been an easy read. More sites should be this good.

    • Hello Carson,

      Thank you ever so much for taking the time to comment.
      I am honoured indeed by your high praise regarding my content and
      efforts, that I am at a loss in how I respond to your kindness.
      I am glad you enjoyed it and advise if you require any equipment or accessories
      to see the review link at the bottom of this article
      There really are some amazing prices and astounding deals on offer.

      Thank you so much again for your very kind comments you are most gracious in your praise.


  2. Good article Rami.
    I like that you mention various types exercises for older people. The equipment looks good but I know from the past that it would get used a few times and then abandoned.
    What me and others like me need, I am 64 and active, is motivation. I do walk but not enough unless I am with the grandchildren. I do a bit of trampolining too when they are here but not enough, besides the weather has been awful lately here in the UK.
    I need something that doesn’t take too much time but I will enjoy. Any recommendations?

    • Hello Linda,
      Thank you ever so kindly for visiting and sharing your thoughts and views.
      They shouldn’t be abandoned if the right frame of mind is set and committed.
      However, this is a common occurrence obviously in my view too frequently encountered. I believe you may wish to read this.

      Walking is very good so long it is at a brisk pace maintained throughout the walk and done daily. Trampolines are also good!!
      However, in my view, you are a prime candidate for Water Aerobics that does not depend on the weather and if a chore to go to the swimming pool
      daily then you can augment with some exercise at home to break the monotony only more importantly your muscles are not doing the same exercises daily
      as that does not allow for improvement and introduces a diminishing returns effect in that they anticipate the exercise routine it has to be varied.
      It also requires to include the mind. Read this and let me know what you think!

      Between us, we should arrive at something that you will not only enjoy but commit to daily into the future.

      Thank you again for visiting and sharing your thoughts and views. I look forward to interacting again soon
      once you have read about some options and considered the suggestions.


      • Funny you should say that, I used to swim regularly 4 times a week. After illness and operations I was not permitted to swim for nearly a year and go out of the habit, now its finding the time to spare.
        Walking is mostly very brisk depending upon who is with me. A young grandchild means a slower pace examining insects and other objects of interest. An older one is fairly brisk but a chance for them to air problems or things going on in their lives. The young ones need someone who will listen without condemning and offer advice that is sensible and doesn’t tread on aspirations.
        Machines I do find boring.
        Having read this post and a few others earlier, it has inspired me to make more effort with exercise, so have done more walking.
        Thank you for the inspiration.

        • The first thing that came to me from reading your kind comment was
          how you managed to keep a brisk walk with young ones.
          Equally when you said the machines get used once or twice and then
          it’s parked unused and unloved in the corner it was glaringly obvious
          what you thought of them.

          I am happy that you think the post inspirational and you have started to
          do more walking. Still think water aerobics will do a world of good and wish
          that you would give them a try they are well worth it.

          Thank you ever so much for your kind replies they equally have inspired me
          to keep on writing and helping others. Keep up the good work!!


  3. As a lady of a certain age I have found the information in your article very helpful. Especially the do’ and don’ts. My favourite exercises are walking and swimming.
    Although last week at the beach I was doing cartwheels and head stands.

    The post inspires me to do this exercise a lot more often. For that my health and
    Myself thank you for writing such a great Article.

    I like to use exercise equipment every now and again, but space in our house is
    very limited. If I could buy a machine it would be the first one you reviewed because
    Of the all in one functions.


    • Hello Lisa,

      Thank you kindly for leaving your thoughts and views through a comment.
      Both walking and swimming are an excellent form of exercise as they are
      High-intensity low impact workouts which focus on building strength and cardiovascular exercise,
      exactly what you require to target at this stage. Although your headstands and cartwheels sound
      very impressive.
      All in one functions are very useful but eat up space. The elliptical and rowing machines are
      considered to be the most beneficial, space-conscious and value for money.
      If you click on this link it will take you to a review.
      where you can find and explore further if you wish to.

      Hope I have been of help and look forward to further thoughts and views from you
      in the near future.

      Thank you ever so kindly again.



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