Combination Physical Mental Emotional Social Well-Being

Hello to you all and welcome to this article dealing with new trends in 2020 regarding how exercise is viewed,combination - physical - mental - emotional - social - well being implemented and how it is undertaken in the social company of others. So it is a combination of physical mental emotional social well-being that is focused on fitness not abs.  Due to COVID 19 however, countries have introduced travel bans, lockdowns with the shutting of schools and borders.   Similarly, advice on self-quarantine guidelines are sweeping across the globe if you believe you have contracted COVID 19. Consequently, the world health organization has recently classified COVID 19 as a pandemic.

Therefore how this will change previously projected new trends is now open to question. One thing is sure it is attacking and succeeding in the deaths of the 50+ age group. Especially those with underlying conditions, not in full fitness with weak immune systems. So if quarantined see this as an opportunity to start a daily routine of exercise. We need to get fitter adding nutrition and supplements to help our immune systems fight this pandemic. Consequently complying with recommended safeguards from recognized authorities not rumours and scaremongering appears the best chance to beat this scourge.

What was this fitness trend

We don’t know as yet what this pandemic is going to do and where we end up. Above all  it is big and bound to produce a constant in life which is change. Projected working out was going to be more about our well-being through fitness. As a result it is no longer about being a muscle-building fanatic.

It was going to be about mind and body not as a way of losing weight. A more combined approach, not only about scales readings. Including other statistics such as blood pressure, fasting blood sugar, cholesterol, steps you take each day. Tracking your fruits and vegetables intake and the nourishing effect of sleep to gain long term benefits. Long term goals will bring success not the short term ones. Hence the commitment to long term fitness levels that will sustain your health well into the future is advisable.



combination - physical - mental - emotional - social - well beingPreviously there was a definite carryover from the tail end of last year when it became very clear on a much wider scale by a plethora of research that there was not any short term fix. Immediate weight loss or that perfect looking flat stomach neither the burning of fat rapidly was instantly achieved.  It takes time, perseverance, effort, commitment on a daily basis and even then results would be slow as they should be. Therefore other factors such as metabolism, nutrition, what we eat, how we exercise etc equally take time to achieve results.

As more and more people started to find out what the overall achieved results could be and how they could be achieved. Without the necessity of going to a trainer or gym. Technology advancement was bringing that to the home or within reach as in extending into community or friends group. Even individually bringing the social interaction element into play through streaming services. This is important people are humans and very fond of our social interactions wherever they may both offline of online.

What are the physical guidelines for this combined form

We touched upon the social aspects of this in how technological advancement is adding to interaction from the community to individual.  Playing a part in the other combination elements of physical, mental and emotional well-being.


In the physical aspects all these promises for one-day miracles in magazines. Body achievements such as losing weight through sales pitches are debunked.  People are now concentrating on what are termed ‘core conditioning’ as the only way to burn fat. Consequently not only working on the spot muscles but expending more calories than taken in. Hence ‘the core’ is where our concentration should be.

Core conditioning exercises develop strength in the core muscles which effectively boosts workouts and reduce the possibility of injury. Therefore it is safer which reduces the chance of us not being able to stick to our routines daily. As a result, it improves posture which helps us look trimmer. Women with trim tummy with a bad posture will look pot-bellied.

Core, is the muscles in the lower back, abdomen and lower pelvis that lie between the hips and rib cage. Core strengtheningcombination - physical - mental - emotional - social - well being should be familiar with people who have experienced back pain. Strengthening ‘the core’ is essential for daily living as we may be called upon in lifting a child or sponging a spot on the floor. Even something as simple as reaching up to get something off a shelf not only sports and exercise.

Studies from the 1900’s show that those with a healthy back as opposed to those with back pain. Reflexively contract their transverse abdominal muscles which wrap around from the sides of their lower back to the front. This is beneficial because it is before they move a leg or an arm. Experts thus concluded that coordinated core muscle is a spine stabilizer. It forms the base of support for any such movement

The conclusions reached and recommended is that exercises supporting the core should form part of an overall combined fitness plan.  This should include moderate movement such as a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day more days than not in a week. To include 20 – 30 minutes of strength training twice or three times in a week in exercises designed to focus on ‘the core’. These are numerous and we will go into them in detail. However, the internet is a useful knowledge to extract some of these freely available through a simple search if you want to get going immediately.

Are the mental and emotional aspects required

The answer to that can be emphatically elusive as a result. The health and fitness industry has concentrated on empowering people to consider their health in terms of exercise and fitness. A question regarding having a fitness plan will probably be answered with a resounding yes. The same question regarding their mental and emotional well-being is met with a resounding no. Perhaps an occasional I see my psychologist for my mental and emotional health.  A relatively small minority may answer with an affirmative yes.

Mental / Emotional

Believe it or not, there is an equivalent to fitness and its psychological well-being. Also known as happiness, thriving and life satisfaction. The World Health Organisation defines mental health as a state of well-being. A person has the ability to cope with everyday Stressors, work productively, contribute to their community and fulfil their potential.

combination - physical - mental - emotional - social - well beingHow one functions psychologically socially and emotionally.  Does he/she navigate the complex knit of purpose, meaning, mastery and autonomy successfully?.  The connection to people or place is what mental well-being is all about. It is starting to catch up with physical fitness as the benefits are becoming more apparent through increasing research.

Why do we get the kind of response mentioned above.? It turns out that people are naturally doing it without being aware. We are all doing it when we connect with people or take a walk in the park. Activities such as walking and interacting that when we are stressed or busy we  ironically don’t do. In fact, we should be doing more of them if we are to maintain our health and mental fitness.

My well-being workout:

(a) Movement – Cycling and walking

(b) Practising gratitude and mindfulness.

(c) Interacting and contributing with friends and family

(d) Talking the talk and walking the walk in alignment with my values

(e) Helping others in need with good deeds.

Which follows a simple model of move – Learn – Connect – Notice – Give



As we come to the end of this article we should be aware of the circumstances that we find ourselves. We should not fall in the trap of being inactive and unfit. There exist many ways as seen above of using technology such as Skype or interactive conferencing. Do we want to interact for exercise or streaming services to do exercise routines?. Remember it is the combination of physical mental emotional social well-being route that we want to apply so we are fighting fit. We must be ready for whatever is to come at us in this very uncertain world at the moment.

It will pass as it has countless times before, what it leaves us to deal with is another question. Whatever change we encounter I wish you safe passage in all you do remain healthy and fit until next time.  Please contact me with any questions and suggestions my contact details are above. Please leave a comment below in the comment box on the article it is much appreciated and I thank you.

Wishing you all the best until next time.



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18 thoughts on “Combination Physical Mental Emotional Social Well-Being”

  1. Love this article very much yes it touched on what is going on in this world the virus. yes health goes hand in hand with so many things in the social world. fitness as well. if this world starts to listen and educate them selves about health exercise and start living off of the nature thing that earth have provided for use we would be better off. 

    • Hello Caroline,

      Yes I touched on the virus only in my introduction as it is what is happening as I write to my audience and to give them advice to start to exercise while they are stuck at home not anything else. I do not wish to get involved otherwise.

      What you say about our need to exercise and to respect the world around us I totally agree with.

      Thank you kindly for your time taken to place kind comments.


  2. Nice article. Fitness and well-being is a state every individual should aim to attain. Just being fit alone helps you fight against many diseases including even coronavirus. Follow this post and try to apply the concept being layed down and your health will be boosted drastically. I am following the well-being workout being outlined in this post. that is; (a) Movement – Cycling and walking (b) Practicing gratitude and mindfulness. (c) Interacting and contributing with friends and family (d) Talking the talk and walking the walk in alignment with my values (e) Helping others in need with good deeds. Its really helpful. Thanks for the post, very supportive.

    • Hello,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind comments.

      Yes the 5 step model is very easy to follow and apply while being very useful.

      Glad you have enjoyed the article and have used some content to apply in your own life.

      Thank you again for your kind comments.


  3. Thank you for your article. in this moment of disaster this type of article was much needed. i am an active person and i cannot live without work. but the covid-19 has made my world stop. in our country all the institution are suspended for straight 15 days. people are staying at home as much as they can. for now well being and fitness is much important. i enjoyed reading your article very much and found it very informative. all the suggestion of being fit and well are recommendable. i will surly try to follow all of them.

    i will share this article in my social media account too. so that they will be aware of well being physically and mentally.

    • Hello Sumaiya,

      Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving your kind comments.

      I am glad you found the article useful and realise that exercise is very pertinent to our daily lives only especially now as it may literally save our lives right now if we are fit.

      Thank you again for your kind comments.


  4. Hello Rami,

    I remember reading this somewhere when I was in High School. I think, if I remember correctly, that the definition for Health given by the World Health Organization(WHO), goes something like, “Health is a state of physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease”.

    Well, that’s one way to go down memory lane. But never the less that is one heck of an explanation you have given. Stating the importance of emotional and mental well being can sometimes be considered key to attaining physical fitness! Thank you for taking your time to get the word out!


    • Hello Nithin,

      Thank you very much indeed for taking the time to leave a comment.

      You are indeed right about the WHO definition I have given an updated  version from them to present and underpin the points I am making in my article.

      I am glad you found the article a very interesting read and thank you again for your very kind comments.


  5. I run (fortunately my body can still hold up for this) 4-5 times a week for a mile and get in around 45 minutes of activity.  It is not only great for the body but it clears my mind as well and I know it ends up being a great stress outlet.  I can really feel the difference if I cannot get out for exercise when I am traveling for work or the weather is really bad.  My body seems “clogged”, i am definitely irritable and my systems are just out of whack.  The mental aspect is so important which is so key to our physical health!

    • Hello Robert,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

      Yes it is indeed true when our bodies are used to regular exercise when we don’t get to do it how bad it can feel.

      You may be surprised that running is actually bad for you in the long term as it is high impact and the stresses on your body especially your leg and feet joints is immense. You may wish to look at my previous articles which go into this a select exercises that are low impact which help our bodies with less wear and tear into the long term and have the same workout benefits.

      Thank you again fro the time to leave kind comments.


  6. Thanks for sharing this information. I personally believe that mental health is as important as physical health. I’ve seen people look older or getting sick because of heavy stress (and sometimes even lead to depression). Your simple workout seems a good plan that I can follow everyday. I’ll keep it in my mind 🙂

    • Hello,

      Thank you very much for your time taken in leaving a comment.

      It is indeed equally important to have a healthy mind and mental in addition to emotional health is key.

      I am glad you have found the article useful enough to consider following the simple model for this.

      Thank you for your kind comment again.


  7. This more like what I would like to see more of in the mainstream media.

    I doesn’t seem to me like there is enough being said in all this madness about the lifestyle choices
    and diet we need to know and do to prevent vulnerability to illness.  And how much more likely are people 
    to be infected with all this negative LOA persistence?

    • Hi John,

      Thank you indeed for taking the time to read and leave a very kind comment.

      You are right of course instead of telling us negatively how bad things are going to get more positive information how we live and the choices we make in doing so is a lot more positive and helpful only you know the old adage. bad news sells!!

      Thank you again for your kind and wise words.


  8. Thank you so much for writing this interesting topic. I am inspired in reading your informative article and gained knowledge from your writing it. Currently, the pandemic coronavirus is spreading alarmingly throughout the world, because of that travel and schools are closed. The same terror frightens everyone will be consumed at any time. If you are physically and mentally handicapped then fitness will be lost which requires exercise.

    So to keep yourself healthy and emotionally sensitive, you need to regularly exercise and socialize. Because health is wealth , so keep your fitness fit through exercise. I think everyone who reads your article will surely benefit. Thank you so much for writing such an article.   

    • Hello Amina,

      Thank you for your kind time in reading and leaving a comment.

      Indeed it is easy to be so frightened that one becomes paralyzed with fear, which of course leads to more problems. We all have to concentrate on what we can do to be ready to fight off this scourge. Being fit is certainly better than not in facing it. If one is physically or mentally handicapped that does not mean they are not abloe to do exercise and I have written on how they can be included in a previous article on community exercise. I have provided a link for you.

      Thank you again for your time in leaving a comment.


  9. I really love the philosophy here. Viewing quarantines as an opportunity to start a daily exercise regimen. I mean, it’s something that’s always important and should be a part of anyone’s daily routine (as I see it). But that’s, even more, the case now due to the fitness’ profound effects on the immune system (exactly as you mentioned). Plus, you can just really fix your health and put it on the right track again.

    To that end, I actually have a friend in China who has lost about 20 pounds since the quarantine. He’s just hanging out at home and exercising. Which I feel definitely is the preferred behavior. I mean, what are you going to do? Watch Netflix 24/7?

    Really loved the idea that you don’t have to be a muscle maniac to work out. That’s so true. Cause it’s not about that. Also, I’ve actually never exactly known what the core was. To that end, this has really shed some light.

    Rami, I just loved the message all and throughout. Thank you.


    • Hello Matiss,

      Thank you ever so kindly for taking the time to read the article and leave a comment.

      Exercise combined with social, mental and emotional needs training is really the way to go and absolutely it’s not being muscle bound only fit so that you are in the best state of fitness you can be which can only come from a daily work out in time nothing is instantaneous as the people who advocate that are debunked.

      Thank you again for your very kind words and glad that you have gained from reading it.



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