Exercises Tone Body Women

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Thank you for joining me for another article that is going to be admittedly for the ladies “Exercises Tone Body Women”. However, the next instalment may, as a result, be dedicated to the men. In this article, we are going to look at specific ways in which women are able to exercise and tone up their bodies.

One set of exercises without any aides or equipment.  Furthermore, we will also utilize another video for alternative exercises not utilizing any aides or equipment. Thus you ladies can jump right in and also have an extra resource to relieve any onset boredom. The first video is found below. ;

What exercises are best for toning body

Being fit and toned is a lifelong objective for many women. The best way is to set objectives and once set you have to keep to them. Check out a series of seven exercises that will have you toned and fighting fit. You never know it may also lead to a healthier, happier you. Hence free to take control of your life.

Exercise regulates weight and as such controls excessive weight gain which controls weight loss. Exercise also fights health issues and conditions and helps with the onset of diseases and their early resolution.


1. Push-ups

Push ups are a great exercise toning the chest, arms, triceps and the front of shoulder muscles. Exercises - tone - body - women

Place your body with your arms straight and your hands flat on the floor with your arms a shoulder-length apart. Your abs tight and your body in the plank position

Lower your body so that consequently your chest is approximately two inches above the floor level and your elbows out at a 45-degree angle.

Push away from the floor until your arms are fully extended and your elbows locked. Repeat with your body going to 2 inches approximately from the floor.


2. Squats

Exercises - tone - body - womenSquat exercises are a winner when it comes to a lower-body workout. Consequently, they tone up the muscles of the thighs, hips and butt.

Stand with the feet a bit wider than your hips, shoulders slightly down, arms out straight, back straight and your toes slightly facing out.

Keeping a straight back, lower your body down and slightly back the same as sitting on a chair until thighs are parallel to the ground. Thus ensure your knees do not go over your toes and your abs are tight keeping your spine straight. Rise slowly back to the original position and Repeat.


3. Toning your thigh and bottom muscles

Try these exercises to tone and sculpt your thighs, legs and bottom muscles. Exercises - tone - body - women

Begin by supporting yourself on your hands and knees. One leg stretched back with its toe on the ground in a triangular form.

With the leg stretched back keeping it as straight as you can stretch the leg up off the ground and straight behind you. Consequently, your knee is no longer touching the ground but straight behind you in the air. Stretch the opposite arm out at the same time.

After you have achieved that do the same for the other arm and leg. Hence repeat.



4. Abs exercises

Exercises - tone - body - womenThis exercise will help to maintain solid abs while boosting agility, increase flexibility and prevent pain in your back.

Lie on your back with your head and shoulders off the ground and your arms off the ground too beside you. Allow your legs to come up bent at the knee and also off the ground. Touch the opposite knee with the one hand and do the same to the other knee with the opposite hand.

Repeat the exercise again. Thus remember the main exercise is the left arm goes to the right knee and the right arm goes to the left knee.



5. Abs and buttocks

Quick glute and abs workouts that will deliver the very best abs and pert butt ever.Exercises - tone - body - women

Prop your body on your hands, elbow and foot with one leg stretched back and your toe on the ground. This also gives you a triangular form

Raise the leg with the toe on the ground as high as you can and bring it back slowly to try to touch your nose with your knee.

Return to the original position only now with the other leg and do the same. Repeat taking each leg in turn.


6. Waist

For the perfect waist, the right exercises which target your core muscles while increasing your metabolism are required.

Stand with your legs set widely apart while slightly bent at the knee with your back resting against the wall.

Interlace your fingers and in a swinging motion move your hands from side to side to touch the wall while keeping yourself upright and your torso facing the front of you. Hence repeat the movement of interlaced hands to either side of your torso.



7. Plank

The plank position builds strength in your upper, lower body and core and is thus a full body work out.

Get into a push-up position only rest on your elbows, not your hands.

The body should form a straight line from head to toes.

Keep your body rigid by sucking in your belly button

Hold this position for three sets of sixty seconds which is more than enough.

What exercise can I tone my body within 30 days


The four-week plan

Week 1:

Do the following for six days:

The plank for 2 minutes.

Abs and thighs 1 minute.

Push-ups 1 minute.

Abs 1 minute.

Abs and buttocks 1 minute.

Waist 1 minute.

The plank 1 minute.

Take a ten-second break between exercises.


Week 2:

Alternate the following sets for 6 days.

Set 1:

The Plank for 3 minutes.

Buttocks and thighs 3 minutes.

Abs 3 minutes..

Take a 15-second break between exercises.

Set 2:

Push-ups 3 minutes.

Abs and buttocks for 3 minutes.

Waist 3 minutes.

Take a 15-second break between exercises.


Week 3: repeat the Week 1 set.


Week 4: repeat the Week 2 sets.


Follow these simple exercises and you will see amazing results in only a month. Develop a mindset that will allow you to do these ten minutes sets each day. As a result if you wish to see even more improved results simply double the effort and you will see even greater results.



There you have it, ladies, such simple exercises to achieve truly remarkable results in a very short period. These exercises are not strenuous really easy to do and do not require anywhere other than your homes. ‘Exercises tone body women’ and that is a fact. All it takes is to take the advice presented and follow the video and a toned body is yours to take to do with as you please. Your body will thank you for it as your agility, flexibility and health benefit from it and you can truly shout out that you are a new woman as a result.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t delay make a start this weekend what have you to lose? You have a toned body to gain!!

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