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Hopefully, you are all doing well and staying safe especially in the US. Reports are not confidence building and some very discouraging reports published on a second wave of COVID 19 last week. This made me change my planned topic for this week to concentrate on ‘how to boost our’immune system quickly exercise diet & supplements’ are the keys. How - To - Boost - Our - Immune - System - Quickly - Exercise - Diet - & - Supplements

There are some very concerning reports about outbreaks of a second wave is already with us. Texas, Florida, Nevada and 20 other states are reporting increased numbers of infection. Reports out this week state officials will impose lockdowns while the CDC is pointing in that direction. Subsequently, there are many countries around the world still heroically fighting the virus in various degrees of severity. Africa and India notably in terms of increasing numbers infected. While others are still reporting infections but in much-reduced numbers as in Europe.he possible effects of an infection

We must take this opportunity to stay fighting fit and keep our ability to withstand the effects of an infection. Our need to do this and remain as close to optimum fitness is essential. A special plea goes out from me to you all use this time to build your reserves.


How to revive my immunity boost

It is very important to realise there are many differing views on this subject both from professionals and academics. Laymen views are equally different from the many views and opinions available on this topic. Therefore these must not stand in the way by clouding our judgement to arriving at our own conclusions.

Keeping to time tested and accepted conclusions are a start such as don’t smoke, exercise daily, maintain a healthy weight. Furthermore drink alcohol moderately, avoid infection through clean and sensible precautions. Wash your hands thoroughly after potentially infecting activity. Equally, ensure your meals are cooked thoroughly. Ensure that you are getting enough sleep and actively trying to avoid stress.

The above are all sensible, logical steps we can all take immediately without any problems at all. They will form a solid practical base for us to revive our resolve to boost our immunity right away.


What are the elements we need and is Zinc the cure

Our bodies require many elements to function. Consequently, it is logical for us to view our immune systems. How - To - Boost - Our - Immune - System - Quickly - Exercise - Diet - & - SupplementsAs requiring all the elements necessary for our system to function optimally. It is a system and does not rely on one or a few requirements but all of them. Please see the link provided for a full list of elements and Recommended Daily Intake as well as Upper Intake Levels from my previous article.

When looking at Zinc specifically It is indeed a very interesting element in this subject. Zinc has always been important to us as humans to keep our immune systems strong. It helps to promote normal growth and helps to heal our wounds. In recent years it has become popular to treat the common cold with zinc lozenges. Claimed to reduce the duration of the time it affects us. Topical Zinc is used to treat irritations of the skin and diaper rash. It can also be useful to treat ulcers, acne, ADHD and sickle cell anaemia.

It is however not a cure-all even though helpful with upper respiratory conditions with children. There is no evidence to suggest that it is effective to fight off COVID 19 on its own. To keep our bodies at optimum levels Zinc is just one of the many elements needed as nutrients.



Is Turmeric the answer

How - To - Boost - Our - Immune - System - Quickly - Exercise - Diet - & - SupplementsTurmeric from the Turmeric plant contains Curcumin. Known with the other chemicals in the plant to be good for treating inflammation. You probably know it from eating curries. Used as the main spice in Asian curry dishes. Also, used to colour butter, mustards, cheeses and cosmetics.

Medicines are made from Curcumin which is contained in the root of the plant. Used for conditions that involve pain and inflammation like osteoarthritis, depression, high cholesterol and itching. Others use it for inflammatory bowel disease, stress and thinking & memory skills. It is important not to confuse it with the Javanese version (Curcuma zedoaria). Keep in mind that there is no scientific evidence to back its many reputed uses.

Many experts warn that Turmeric can interfere with the body’s response to COVID 19. Equally, some experts claim that it helps the body’s response against COVID 19. What is important to note is that there is no strong data to support either of these assertions. Consequently, it is logical to follow healthy life choices and proven preventative and healing methods to any malady.



How does our diet help

Our bodies take our required mineral intake from the food we eat in the form of nutrition. It is, therefore, logical to assume that the better our diet the better our mineral intake. So it follows that healthy immune systems require good nourishment. As with all things, however, there are some caveats.

Scientists have long known that people who live in poverty are malnourished and more vulnerable to infectious diseases. We don’t yet know if this is as a result of the effects of malnutrition on the immune system. There are relatively few studies on these effects on humans. There is some evidence that there are micronutrient deficiencies. These are iron, copper, zinc, selenium, folic acid, and vitamins B6, A, C, and E. They alter the immune system in animals from lab tests carried out. Tests that are similar are yet to be assessed on humans.

Therefore what can we do if we believe that we are not getting enough micronutrient needs in our diet. Again the only logical conclusion is to seek to get them from supplements and vitamins. We must inform our doctors if we decide to take them. Supplements and vitamins ingested can react with the medication that we are already being prescribed.





What infections affect our immune system as we get older

The efficacy of our immune systems is reduced as we age. As a result, we are more prone to infections and diseases. More importantly, we are more likely to die from them than the young. This is seen in the rate of deaths of the aged from influenza, with COVID 19 currently and especially pneumonia. These are all the leading cause of deaths of over 65 around the world.

A major concern is the response by those in this age groups to vaccines. This is seen with the influenza vaccines. How - To - Boost - Our - Immune - System - Quickly - Exercise - Diet - & - SupplementsThey show the response by the older age group is much less than that of younger age groups. However, the efficacy of vaccines for both influenza and pneumonia show that they have reduced the death rate. Within the older age group despite the reduced efficacy in their age group.

There does appear to be a connection between immunity and nutrition in the elderly. Evident even in affluent countries known as micronutrient malnutrition. This is a deficiency in trace elements and vitamins which we obtain from our diets. Some elderly people because of their circumstances can eat sparsely and in limited variety. Deficiencies are corrected by taking additional supplements and vitamins. Your doctor must be advised before you take them.



What exercise do we need to help

Moderate exercise is the perceived wisdom. This can take many forms from walking at a brisk pace to light enjoyable activities such as Golf.  If it is a general traditional exercise you are after than a low impact exercise routine is what you need. To exercise safely and apply less wear and tear on your body, joints and muscles.

Daily exercise is the foundation of healthy living. It helps to control body weight and keeps many diseases at bay. While being the mainstay of fitness to help you fight against those very diseases when the strike. It helps you to maintain your immune system naturally and boosts it effectively.

Importantly it helps you with blood circulation. Which moves the cells and substances of the immune system to circulate efficiently around the body. This allows them to effectively do their jobs of keeping you safeguarded against disease.




This article explored ‘how to boost our immune systems quickly with exercise diet and supplements.’ It has referred to earlier articles which we have previously explored that go into more depth on each. This article came about as a result of emanating reports in the last week. Reporting the second wave of COVID 19 infections in the US and around the world. It also looked into some fallacies that are circulating. Regarding the use of certain plants such as Turmeric and elements like Zinc to cure COVID 19. There is also a study just out that states 60% of us have a natural immunity to COVID 19. Nevertheless, 40% is still a high enough number not to be complacent. We owe it to our ourselves to keep in optimum shape no matter the surrounding circumstances.

As ever thank you for your time in reading the article. My contact details are as found above should you require to contact me directly please feel free to do so. Also, it would be very kind of you to leave a comment below informing us of your views. Communicating with both others and me would both be very welcome and useful. Stay safe, take care and all the best to you all until the next time.


 Thank you to the Harvard Medical School for some information.

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  1. Thank you for this article regarding boosting our immune system. I am always interested in how to maximize my health as I am 69 years old. We are what we eat. I try to include vegetables and yogurt in my diet each day. And I cut back on sugar, which I (unfortunately) love.
    I would love to see articles for older adults and also for people in pain; which is my situation.
    Keep up the good work! Your site is very helpful to us older generation folks!


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