How To Live A Better Life – Do Community Exercise

New Trend Community Exercise – Our Health Is Wealth.

With the promise I made in my first article to introduceHow To Live A Better Life as we go along new trends in exercise routines for over 40 another new trend to live a better life is community exercise. This is a really beneficial way of uniting people to a common goal that lends support for each other in
many ways. It not only brings people together, become friends and a network to help and support each other to achieve daily exercise goals especially when one is not as motivated as they are usually but offers
many other valuable benefits such as inclusion for those who are suffering mental illnesses such as loneliness and depression to simply being the glue to more cohesion within the community to better answer the most important question we can how to live a better life.

What are you most grateful for in life

There is much to be thankful and grateful for but none of it can be experienced if we do not have our fitness and health which really is our wealth for without them nothing else is achievable. The
How To Live A Better Lifeancient civilization of China has realized this for more than a thousand years and have developed an exercise daily routine which is called Qigong. However, this developed into a way of life and a philosophy it has been practiced as a community based exercise so it is both pertinent and beneficial to go into it in some further depth as it has withstood the test of time and is practiced en mass by the Chinese to this day.



What is Qigong (Chee gong)

It has its roots going back more than 4,000 years within many
segments then and now within Chinese people and How To Live A Better Lifeculture. Taking on manyforms and in that time and more recently (relatively speaking) refers to a wide range of self-improvement and cultivation exercises which comprises breath, gas, air the relationship between energy, matter and spirit. It is the underlying principle underpinning of Chinese traditional medicine and martial arts. Gong (or Kung) is the cultivation or work, including practice, mastery, skill, merit, service, result, achievement and accomplishment through great effort.
They both combine to be understood as systems utilized to cultivate and
balance life energy targeting health and well-being which as you recall has been our focus to achieve from the first article ‘exercise for the over 40’ from the start.


Qigong Practices

Qigong is made up of a wide array of practices that bring together body, breath and mind. It includes movement, massage, meditation including sound, chanting and non contact treatments done through a broad range and variety of body postures. It can be categorized by two distinct divisions, The first may be classed as dynamic incorporating slow flowing movements, the second meditative through static positions concentrating on the intake and outtake of breath. From a therapeutic standpoint there is the internal which concentrates on self care and cultivation while the external is though a therapist conducting the flow of Qi. There are many forms as much as 75 ancient and 56 contemporary forms however most fall under intellectual, spiritual, martial, medical and life nourishing.

When viewed from the perspectives of health, exercise, philosophy or training in martial arts, the following principles jump out as general technique themes and include intentional movement, awareness, visualization, rhythmic breathing and the chanting or sound. Additionally, relaxation, solid stance, softness and balance/counterbalance techniques are accepted with the main aims or goals targeted being mainly tranquility, equanimity and stillness.

Contemporary Qigong

China in contemporary times has drifted away from Qigong focused on traditional spiritual attainment, How To Live A Better Lifephilosophy and folklore to more of a focus on health benefits, alternative medicine, the martial arts and through a more scientific stance. Qigong is increasingly being adopted globally by millions of people who are relying more on its health benefits although many practitioners remain to adhere to its traditional forms relying on its long held longevity and its continuing popularity as bearing the test of an extended period of time. In contemporary Chinese medical assessments it has even been allowed into the curriculum of major universities and thus viewed as being able to produce a specific psychophysiologicalstate of being and modern practitioners go as far to say that the physiologucal effects are many and incude improved cardiovascular, respiratory and even neurophysiological functions. Even so, it is not according to conventional medicine which relies on best available evidence offering effectiveness and safety. There no recognized peer reviewed scientific evidence establishing effectiveness for any specific medical conditions thus Qigong can not be considered to be a part of mainstream medical practices.

Alternative, Integrative and Complimentary Medicine

Combining conventional and complimentary therapies with medicines whilst using the most appropriate of either of them or both with the aim of patient care as a whole is what is recognized as integrative medicine, while complimentary is utilizing a non mainstream approach combined with conventional medicine and alternative is going down the path of non mainstream approach as an alternative to conventional medicine, . Qigong is being practiced on by integrative medicine practitioners as an accompaniment to conventional medicine treatment founded on complimentary and alternative medicine understandings of the effectiveness and safety aspects of Qigong. The long sought after quest in either describing and verifying the effects of Qigong by the scientists both interested and concerned by exploring these effects to culminate in scientific theory and pinpoint further research study in terms of traditional theory only the existence of Qi is yet to be peer verified in any experimental setting.

Benefits of Qigong

Popular Use

People elect to follow Qigong for a variety of reasons including exercise, recreation, relaxation, meditation, self healing, preventative medicine, martial arts training and self cultivation. These range from the physically challenged to top athletes. This is because it is low impact exercise that can be effected standing, lying or sitting it is also applicable to and accessible to seniors, disabled people and those recovering from injuries.


In China Qigong is deemed as a standard medical techniqueHowTo Live A BetterLife and is routinely prescribed to that a wide array of clinical applications and conditions that include coronary artery disease, chronic liver diseases, tumors and cancers, cervical spondylosis, myopia, diabetes, mellitus, obesity, peptic ulcers, menopause syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, lower back and leg pain and insomnia. In other countries outside China it is used as an integrative medicine supporting and complementing acceptable medical treatment including fitness, rehabilitation, relaxation and on specific conditions.

However, in the absence of acceptable high-quality evidence that it is actually effective for these conditions and based on accepted systematic reviews and clinical research and trials, there is not enough sufficient evidence on its efficacy and using it as an accepted therapy for any medical condition.

Mental Health

There have been numerous claims that Qigong is able to ameliorate conditions in mental health including lessened stress reaction, enhanced mood and decreased depression and anxiety. Although the majority of medical studies have examined psychological factors as secondary aims albeit numerous studies show lower levels of a chemical hormone cortisol at a lower level. Cortisol production in the body is a well-known response to stress.

Cost and Safety

The costs associated with self care with cost efficiencies generally considered high for group care. Typically, the expressions of caution associated with it are equivalent to any associated with any physical activity and include the benefits of advisability on stretching to prevent the potential of injury, the risk of muscle sprains or strains and the safety normally found for use that run beside when practicing treatments through conventional medicine while combining and consulting a physician to effect conventional treatment.


Community Exercise

What Is A Community Exercise Program

There is sufficient within the first two articles I have presented for you to set up your own groups within How to Live A Better Lifeyour communities to set up community exercise groups who will rely on and provide support to each other. A community that exercises together is a healthy community. There is also a very noble and altruistic to this we integrate those with mental health issues and with disability back into the community and literary become a lifeline for them without doing much than including them into our daily exercise routine. Mental issues have exploded in terms of numbers in the past few years most are suffering loneliness and depression and who require the people within the community to provide friendship and just a friendly inclusion into activities. Because a person is disabled does not mean that they are unable to participate in exercise and pretty soon you will have that are recovering from injuries to those that have had a baby and what better than through the exercise for body and mind that we have discussed. we are armed with HiLIT and the exercise routines that can be incorporated and combined with the movement and mind exercises we have at our disposal.


How does physical activity benefit the community


It benefits a community to enjoy activities and especially the type of activities we are discussing as it allows that community to be healthier and stronger for it. There are many benefits such as fewer illnesses, community spirit, getting to know one another better, helping each other supporting each other through the daily exercise requirements to make for a lot healthier people within the community that is far more valuable than meets the eye.

Why is it good to workout

It is only by working out daily that we are going to achieve How To Live A Better Lifeour goals of sustainable fitness and health through our years. The better fluidity in our movement and agility helps us to go our tasks about our tasks with ease and stops the mindset that we are unable to achieve as we strive to be productive and happier for it as our lives are not diminished through the aging process.

How do you find a fitness community

There are many already set up and if there aren’t any then we can set up our own. It is vital that there is this availability within the community however we must recognize that a lot of us live in disparate places and even neighborhoods can set up small groups while the last resort or carrying out our exercises may be our only choice and sometimes are preferred choice whichever it is essential that we exercise if we are to maintain ourselves into our advanced years.


How do I start a community fitness programs

How To Live A Better LifeBy speaking with like-minded people and consolidating the information now at your disposal to start and get all the logistics where your going to hold the activity, who you need to seek approvals from if its a town or village hall, how are people going to get to it its not a complicated process and normally requires no funding. Start spreading the word once established for others who wish to join the activities and taking it forward from there and have fun while your exercising and when your not.


Thus a community based exercise activity has many benefits How To Live A Better Lifeand may prove valuable to the whole community to all things relating better health through exercise and how to live a better life on the pillars that exercise stands on regarding your body, its movement and a healthier mind to achieve it. I as usual hope this has been enjoyable and sparked some ideas in terms of being the catalyst to urging all to take up what we must achieve to live healthy happy lives.

As usual please leave a comment regarding your thoughts and views so far into the journey to our goals and I will as usual do my best to answer you on anything you wish to discuss or are unsure of until the next article I remain at your service. My contact details are found in the header and below this and I wish you happy and safe exercising.


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  1. Many thanks to you for giving us such a beautiful article and I learned about the importance of community exercise through you. Most people in our society do not practice community exercise and I think this is very important . But Chinese civilization understood this 4000 years ago, and they emphasized the practice of teamwork. I thought after reading your article I would do community exercises from now on and discuss the content of your articles with my friends. And I think you really need this article and I ask for permission to share your article, and I think if I share this article on social media, many will know about it.

    • Hi Shanta,

      Thank you so much for visiting and reading my new article.

      The Chinese new a thing or two and so did India unfortunately India’s

      records were expunged and so there is very little left but we do know exercise

      existed there in ancient times just as the Chinese which I have woven

      into the thread for information purposes as I have introduced similar but

      modern methods. You can share whatever you like with your friends.

      Thank you for your kind comment and visit again.


  2. You said it all when you say that health is your wealth! Exercise has so many benefits to the mind and body! If we have a community that exercises together they can combat problems that are common in our society today such as loneliness, depression and poor mobility and health. Being fit is a great state of mind as well as body and as a community, being fit means that it benefits all. I love that. Good article.  

    • Hi Patricia,

      Thank you for visiting and offering your views

      regarding what you read in the article, You really

      understood and captured the essence of what I was


      Thank you again for your comment.


  3. Great article about Qigong Rami:
    I practiced for a while years ago with a tiny group of people, but the Mentor moved away and our goup was dissolved. I have also practiced Tai Chi Chuan but the group was dissolved as well.
    I have tried practicing on my own since down here there is very little interest upon the subject, due mainly to lack of information about it.
    I will be a constant reader of your interesting blogs my friend.
    With my best regards:

    • Hi Eugenio,
      Thank you so much for your kind words
      and support. I am sending you the exercise
      routine for a Hillit workout which we have discussed
      previously as we get older a low impact as opposed to a
      high impact is more suitable. Hopefully it may give you some ideas
      to incorporate into your daily routine.
      Thank you so much for your support again


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