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A big welcome to you all for visiting and reading this article. Which will focus on ‘is golf an exercise – motivation for mature adults’. Is - Golf - An - Exercise - Motivation - For - Mature - AdultsIt is going to take a different approach in comparison to other articles on this subject matter. Numerous articles give us the same information that tells us golf gets us out into the outdoors.  Is great as a cardio workout by increasing our heart rate. The low impact nature of it is less severe on our bodies. Our brains benefit from the exercise to them from playing golf and it reduces stress.

Let us explore the exercise workouts we require to enhance our physical fitness in golf.  This will help us perform better in this activity. More importantly to achieve our goals in what we want as mature adults. Above all, our fitness levels will be improved to enjoy this activity for the great game it is.

What are the top myths of healthy ageing?

Let us do away with the top myths that dissuade mature adults from improving their fitness levels.

Myth: Your health declines and brings on the onset of disability

Fact: We have a saying age does not come alone. However, it does not mean that this is an inevitable process or one that applies to everyone. Yes, diseases especially chronic ones come about due to ageing. Consequently, they may indeed lead to being confined to a walker or wheelchair. It is also true that are many mature adults who enjoy robust health. As a result are more active than even those much younger. Preventative measures such as a healthy diet, stress prevention and exercise help immensely with the risk of chronic diseases.

Myth: As you age memory loss is an inevitable issue

Fact: Although we may experience that it is harder to remember things. Subsequently, the memory of actual events may not be as easy to retrieve. However, it is not true that this is an inevitable occurrence. Therefore memory can be exercised through various methods and trained to remain as good as it ever was. The sooner you start to train it through computer-based activity. Alternatively doing additions, subtractions and multiplication in the mind as examples. As a result the more benefit you will receive in memory use and retention.

Myth: It is impossible to teach an old dog new tricks

Fact: More importantly this is is the most damaging adage to self-esteem and is not true. Mature adults are more likely to start and be more successful in new business. They have a lot to offer in terms of experience and knowledge to apply to new processes. As a result, they adapt more readily to change and can withstand the difficulties involved.


Is golf classed as exercise

Is - Golf - An - Exercise - Motivation - For - Mature - AdultsGolf is an exercise and is beneficial for leg and arm muscles, back muscles and your core. However, it is unlikely to conform to national guidelines on its own unless played regularly. These comprise of at least 150 minutes of exercise or 75 minutes of intensive exercise. Further, exercises in the recommended 4 areas to also aid the body in fitness to play the game. Including strength exercises, range of motion exercises, flexibility exercises and coordination exercises.

These areas of exercise ensure that your fitness levels are enhanced. As a result, playing the game of golf does not add to the risk of injury. They also offer greater benefits in other areas of our day to day activities. As a result, they may come as a surprise to many. For example, doing exercises in those areas has proved to be very beneficial to your driving a car.



Example of other benefits that you may have not considered from the above exercises

As a result, half of the mature drivers have not even considered how these areas of exercise are beneficial to their driving. The three most challenging areas of driving are:

  • Turning of the head and body to look back when reversing your car
  • Getting out from and getting in into your car
  • Turning your head to see blind spots when changing lanes.

Studies have proved that after doing exercises daily in the four areas for 8 – 10 weeks. As a result participants reported greater ease and are much more comfortable in performing on the challenges identified in bullet points above.


Helpful exercises examples to play golf


Strength exercises 

  • Split Squat – Help with strength, mobility and stability.Is - Golf - An - Exercise - Motivation - For - Mature - Adults
  • Deadbug – Are great for strengthening your core.
  • Push-Ups – Very good for strengthening arms, legs and your core.
  • Pelvic Rotation – Helps strengthen the hips critical in a golf swing.
  • Full Body Turn – Also very useful in the motion required to swing a golf club.

Range of motion exercises

  • Back Stretches – Help with back muscles and stretching exercises.
  • Heel Drops – Very good for the Achilles tendons.

Flexibility Exercises

  • Hamstring Stretches – very good for the back of leg muscles.
  • Glutes Stretches – Help in butt muscles flexibility.
  • Shoulder Stretches – very useful for shoulder flexibility.
  • Abdominal Stretches – Keep abdominal area flexible.
  • Neck Stretches – Good for keeping the neck muscles flexible.

Coordination exercises

  • Jump Rope Drills – Very good coordination exercises.Is - Golf - An - Exercise - Motivation - For - Mature - Adults
  • Small Ball Tossing – Good eye to hand coordination.
  • Balloon Juggling – Equally good eye to hand coordination.
  • Dribbling – Eye and feet coordination.
  • Target Practice – can be done with a small ball.









What Do we mature adults want from exercise


The wants of mature adults when it comes to exercise are not focused on exercise alone. Above all want it to have an element of fun to stay interested and motivated in daily workouts. Including the following wishes.

  • Social Engagement – Mature adults want to feel we are part of the community. Doing an activity that allows for social interaction and golf easily provides that. It is also important we do not feel lonely and allow depression to take hold. Above all the most important element is to engage in an activity that we love and does not feel like a chore.
  • Decreased Risk of falls – We are as mature adults at an increased risk for falls. Which can have very severe consequences in terms of duration of injury healing. That can have a detrimental effect on us maintaining our independence. Exercise can help to maintain balance and coordination to lessen the risk of falls.
  • Improved Mental Healthiness and Well Being – Importantly exercise has endless benefits for this area. It releases endorphins which are a feel-good factor which is why we feel good after a workout. Additionally, our sleep patterns are much improved which is especially beneficial. As many of us suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders.
  • Improved Cognitive Function – Regular daily exercise and developed motor skills improve cognitive function. Numerous studies have proved a lower risk of dementia regardless when you start an exercise routine.
  • Prevention of diseases – Numerous studies show that people who maintain regular physical activity. Reduce the risk to themselves from common diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Exercise and fitness improve the immune system and many mature adults are known to suffer from compromised immune systems. Any exercise activity including just simply walking is a very effective measure in disease prevention.




Thank you for reading this article on ‘is golf an exercise – motivation for mature adults. ‘ It shows that any activity including golf has significant benefits. More importantly if we augment with further exercises to help our fitness levels for us enjoy the game even more. Consequently, it also offers us many more benefits that we have not even considered which are critical to our longevity. The prevention of diseases and allows us to maintain our independence and live happy productive lives. Please feel free to express your thoughts and views in the comment section below. Your comments are most welcome here. Please take care of yourselves in these tumultuous times we live in. Be well, stay safe and take care of yourselves until we interact again in the following article. All the best to you all !!




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