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Thank you for visiting to read and consider the latest trends in exercise programs and be informed. Today we are looking at indoor rowing. In the tail end of 2019 ardent cyclists were giving up their spinners a term for indoor exercise bikes. Suddenly hopping on to rowing machines was in as rowing gyms started to sprout all over the place. Why? because it may just be the best most efficient exercise ever. Your whole body is exercised when rowing. With people humorously responding ‘rowing good workout! to everyone that asks them. When they recommend rowing as a beneficial workout.


What is a good workout on a rowing machine


Lower Body

One of the best benefits from a workout on a rowing machine is to concentrate on the lower body. Many enthusiasts will argue this form of exerciseRowing - Good - Workout is primarily suited to this. The quads located at the upper front of your thighs are the muscles involved. It is also targeting the calves and glutes which are the buttocks which also derive benefit. This will only aid you in looking great while it burns calories at a faster rate.  It improves both muscle strength and toning while providing balance and flexibility improvements.


Upper Body

Rowing also provides an excellent upper body workout and also needs to be included. They target the trapezii located in the upper back, the rhomboids which are in the shoulders and lats which are in the lower back.  Additionally, they provide benefits to your backside, pecs, abs and biceps helping to strengthen the core. The need for a strong grip develops stronger wrists and hands provides aid to other activities such as climbing and fly fishing. The overall effects are an improved posture through the strengthening of your back and shoulders. This leads to fewer problems in the back with the accompanying back pain. The perceived wisdom is to devote 60% to the lower part and 40% to the upper body in the overall workout.


Medical Conditions

It is very important to add that for those who have existing issues such as joint problems while being overweight, high impact exercises will present more risks to further injuries than benefits. Rowing is a great way to approach exercise needs. Does not require weight-bearing routines such as hiking, running, walking and even yoga. Involves very natural movement flow, therefore, providing low impact stress to the joints. It is thus a very effective recuperation exercise for knee injuries.


How long is a good workout on a rowing machine

Rowing - Good - WorkoutThis depends on your exercise needs and objectives only a 50-minute workout is very sufficient to provide many benefits. It is an aerobic exercise which includes grater stamina, effective weight loss, a stronger immune system, better moods and sleep enhancements as benefits. It increases heart rate through both resistance settings and introducing short 30 – 60 second sprints to vary exercises. This increase oxygen intake levels to increase your target heart rate with the ability to slow it down if you prefer within your selected workout.

In that time a workout helps you burn an average of 600 calories an hour. This is more efficient than that of all other machines available in a gym.  A stationary bike it will take an average of additionally 20 minutes more to burn the same amount of energy.


Should I use a rowing workout every day


It is very advisable to have regular workouts to get the full benefits of a rowing work out. Rowing every day will not only build strength but endurance levels. With a healthy nutritious diet, the everyday regular work out will leave you with an enviable looking body with even better inner healthy benefits which will stand you in very good stead.

More beneficially it is relatively easy to learn.  Usage with techniques touched upon previously will help you optimize your rowing workout by doing a regular daily exercise. Hence it becomes easier to do and help you to get used to your workout.

To help you in this and to guard against the potential risk of injury.  Keep your back straight and row with an even smooth pace your shins close to 90 degrees angle to the surface floor you are rowing on with your feet securely fastened.




Is rowing bad for your knees or back


Since rowing machine workouts actually help to build strong knees, they develop both your quadriceps at the front and hamstrings in the back of your thighs.Rowing - Good - Workout If however they are unevenly worked they can strengthen at different capacities which can lead to discomfort or pain in the knees and lower back. Rowing provides through resistance to both.  In continuous motion, it is important to remember that this can help prevent pain if you are opting for this form of exercise without any underlying issues such as arthritis to the knees or back pain relating to injury for example.


Machine Settings

It is always better to understand why this is the case. With the least setting program on the rowing machine, you are still pushing while your knees are bearing the full weight of your body. Adding more stress within a higher setting of resistance stresses your knees even more. The motion is continuous and with the knee, bend requirements can, therefore, make existing knee pain and arthritis pain even worse.


Health Check

Checking with a Doctor that your knees and back are safe to row is advisable. Also that you ask a physical exercise trainer to instruct you on the best form to utilize the rowing machine. For example, pushing from your heels instead of your toes is the preferred method to reduce knee pain.



Other methods such as when in the recovery phase of a move, that is when moving forward and bending your knees allow your arms to straighten until the bar gets to your knees before you start to bend them. This allows for proper body positioning and fluidity of movement. Always keep your back straight and move your legs to a full range of motion. While pushing back during your backward stroke your legs are fully extended and not partially bent. Advice for these only comes through experience and is well worth finding out about to counteract any potential actions that could cause pain.


Is Rowing A Good Body Workout


A very effective workout for the mature

Rowing is a very good full-body workout. Recognized as the best low impact exercise for the more mature. This is because it is this less stress on the body making it safer than more high impact exercises. Consequently, it works on both your upper and lower body and provides a cardio plus strength workout. Known to be an excellent aerobic workout with a focus on your core, legs, arms and shoulders. Recognized for building your endurance which is a very useful and welcome benefit to your long-term fitness and well-being.


Highly acclaimed workout for indoor exercise

As an indoor workout, it stands out as a cross-training which mixes up and adds to your need to have your muscle memory flexibility. Therefore it is essential as a workout for your muscles to not use the same routines. Therefore, allowing for tremendous improvement on a continuous basis.  Your abdominal muscles are in continuous motion. Thus greatly strengthened, while your back muscles are toned.  As a result of the continuous motion to your whole body pictures of increasing your heart rate and thus acting as a very beneficial cardio workout.


Beneficial for the whole family

If you do not like running then a rowing workout burns equal t0 1 1o7 calories for a 130-pound person. Your investment in a rowing machine is well worth the money while the additional less wear and tear on your body which comes from a high impact exercise like running. Thus it is safer from the risk of injuries and done within your own home. There is no loss of effectiveness in your workout program all you have to do is learn to be a master of the stroke technique which is not difficult to do. Your family will thank you and appreciate you for it too as they also will have the benefit of using the rowing machine too.


Rowing - Good - WorkoutAs we conclude this week’s offering it is not surprising given the many benefits and reasons presented above, the rowing machine has gained the reputation to convince trend spotters that it is projected to be the number 1 exercise machine this year. Underlying benefits coming from its use it is a no brainer that its fans will answer when asked about it  “rowing good workout!” with a broad smile. As always please see contact details above if you wish to contact me for more information. Please remember to leave a comment below in the comment box.  It is a pleasure to hear from you and will respond directly to them. Thank you ever so kindly for coming in and reading this article and I wish you all the best until the next blog offering. Stay safe and take care.



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  1. Rami. I can definitely see why rowing would be a good way to exercise.  I used to do a bit of rowing myself some time ago and i remember the feeling it gave after doing that for even a half an hour.  For me it was just fun though, being out on the water for a while with one or two friends.  I wasn’t really considering the exercise value.

    I haven’t seen any of these in gyms in my country as yet though.  I hope we will get there soon as i am guessing these must be quite expensive if they are available for home use.

    Do you happen to have any idea how much they cost and where they can be found if someone wants to buy one?

    • Hello Donald,

      Thank you for dropping by and leaving a kind comment.

      I see you used to be a rower and enjoyed it. you do not say what country so I am unable to say anything on that however it is not expensive nowadays to own one in the home you are able to get a decent one for under $200

      This may be a bit expensive but they are found at every major sports outlet and of course Ebay where you can pick up a fairly used one even better priced and of course Amazon.

      I will do a review on a some rowing machines and I will be sure to inform you when I do.

      Thank you again for your time in leaving a comment.



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