Skincare For Over 40 – Supplements, Vitamins As Well Friends

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Thank you as always coming along and reading this article. Which is about the need for our skincare for over 40 – supplements, vitamins as well friends. Let us start with a story which will give you an insight. Into why we require to look at this subject in some depth.

When I was in my thirties we were on a visit to the family. When after a meal my mother-in-law placed 6 or 7 pills directly in front of my father-in-law. Gestured for him to swallow them they were both getting on in years. My mother-in-law who started off as a nurse trained as a doctor and then went on to PhD in psychology. I don’t say this to you to show off only to show that she was eminently qualified.

When I asked her why so many tablets in front of my father-in-law. She advised that we should all be taking them. Our bodies required the extra boost of nutrition. Apparently, we were definitely not getting enough from our diet no matter how healthy our diet was. This had a very profound impact on me as like everyone else. My wife and I had not thought about it or did we think we needed to. It took us completely by surprise.

How can I stop my skin from ageing at 40

For me, as a man, my wife advised me when we first started courting. To apply a moisturiser that was more important than anything else. I have moisturised daily from that point on. This was confirmed by two lady friends in my mid 50’s when we were talking on a night out. When one of them turned around and said you know you don’t have a single line on your face. Then asked is there a secret you are hiding from us please tell us what we need to do. I answered moisturise daily as that is all I have done and continue to do.

Skincare - for - over - 40However, skincare is more involved and psychological for women as they age. The advice there is multi-fold and we will not go into too much length. Every woman over 40 knows what that is but we will touch upon it nevertheless.

The perceived wisdom is there require to be 6 essentials. Use a Hydrating Cleanser which you have used at previous stages. A gentle face cream, and eye cream for more specific issues. An antioxidant serum which calms cellular inflammation, Retinol which reduces wrinkles and fine lines. By producing collagen and stimulates the production of new blood vessels in your skin which improves skin colour. The use of sunscreen which includes Zinc.


Are vitamins and supplements necessary for skincare

Whether vitamins and supplements are necessary is an ongoing debate that has and will continue to cause controversy. Peoples views are many on this subject from should we not get enough nutrients from a well-balanced diet? can it be that we need so many pills? How did our ancestors cope afterall supplements and vitamins are a relatively new recommended addition to our diets. The truth is there is a very good answer to every one of these questions hence their introduction. However, it is more in the context of the following,

Sometimes we have to make decisions on information provided. Then take action even when that Skin-care - F0r - Over - 40information does not satisfy the intellect.

Because of the objectives of mother nature are on procreation not on extending our lives to old age. We have inherited the barest minimum nutrients to survive into our 20’s. After that, we are basically on our own. Our diets are in the majority not good.  They are also insufficient to fight disease or carry us into old age. In the US they are mainly fats and sugars which do not give us the nutrients we need. Hence our diets can’t do it on their own. Eating all the nutrients required in our diets will require a very high intake of calories. The result will make our obesity crises even worse.



What supplements and vitamins should I take

Skincare - For - Over - 40We are all nutritionally deficient according to experts. In the US 90% of the population is falling short in the following. Vitamin B6, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin A, Thiamin, Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Vitamin 12 and Niacin. Consequently, there are the Recommended Dietary Allowances for both men and women. However, they are derided by nutritionist experts as being insufficient. They believe it is the Optimum Dietary Allowances that should be followed.


Ortimum Dietry allowances for both men and women are Viitamins A – 1000 – 10000 IU, B6 (Piridoxine) 25 – 50mg (as pyridoxal -5- phosphate0, Beta carotine 25,000 -100,000 I U, Biotin 200-800 mcg*. C 675-3000mg (as ester-C the preferable form), D 200-1000 IU, E 400-1600 IU (as mixed tocopherols), Folic acid 800-2000mcg., Niiacin/niacin amide (B3) 50-250mg, Pantothenic acid (B5) 60 – 2000 mg*, Riboflavin (B2) 50-250mg (as ribovflavin 5′ – phosphate) and Thiamin (B1) 100-250 mg.


Optimum Dietary Allowance for both men and women. Boron 1-3 mg., Calcium 1000-2000mg., Chromium 100-600 mcg., Copper 1-3 mg., Iodine 225mcg., Iron 0-40 mg., Magnesium 500-1000 mg.** Manganese 5-15mg. Molybdenum 75-250 mcg*. , Potassium 100-500 100-500 mg; Selenium 100-300 mcg. Vanadium 25-100mg., Zinc 15-50mg

*The amount listed is the Estimated Safe and Adequate Daily Dietary Intake. As recommended by the Committee on Dietary Allowances of the National Academy of Sciences’ Food and Nutrition Board.

*People who are taking blood thinners should consult their doctors before taking supplemental vitamin E.

**Supplemental magnesium may cause diarrhoea in some people, so an enterically-coated source may be advisable.




What vitamins should I take for overall health

Although there are as many Doctors to advice taking vitamins and supplements. As there are in the quantities to take them. It is always advisable to seek advice from your own Doctor as to what you need to take. This is determined from a blood test that will identify what your specific needs are in vitamins and supplements.

There is some evidence that says the following are deficient Vitamin D, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and Iron. Skincare - For - Over - 40Experts appear to agree that there is no harm in taking multivitamins. Even here though you may go over the tolerable levels (UI) which will cause some side effects. Always make your Doctor aware of the Vitamins and Supplements you are taking. As some may interfere or clash with the medication you are prescribed by them.

Bothe Vitamins and supplements have been proven to help on the other hand. With bone loss and fractures, age-related eye diseases, help blood flow, heart health and lower inflammation. Some good rules to follow include don’t go over your daily values. Unless you have had the OK from your Doctor. Multivitamins do not contain all your daily value and you will need extra specific supplements. Always buy brands with USP, NSF and other Seals of Approval.


Important that the manufacturing source of vitamins and supplements is genuine.

Skincare - For - Over - $0Very important that the manufacturer of your vitamins and supplements is a genuine approved source (please see review) Complying with all regulatory standards for hygiene and good practice. Is approved by all the necessary bodies of approval. Consequently, all their products contain all the right ingredients in the correct doses and efficacy of constituents. In this way, you are sure to be getting exactly what you need in nutrients.



Therefore skincare for over 40 –  vitamins and supplements also friends. Are an important addition to your health and welfare and not to be neglected. We have seen various options and recommendations from Doctors who believe in optimum intake levels and those who recommend daily levels.on vitamins and supplements. Equally the requirement for skincare as we age. Please find my contact details provided above for any further information you may require. Please leave a comment of your views in the comment box below. Your views are always welcome and useful to start a conversation regarding the information in the article.  They help to indicate if it was both useful and helpful to your needs on the subject matter. Until the next time be safe and take care. All the best to you all.


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