Fun Activities Do When Bored – Swimming, Walking & Cycling, Hearts Love Them

Hello friends, Today’s article fun activities do when bored – swimming, walking, cycling, hearts love them. Appeals to you to try out further activities. To achieve national recommended weekly 150 minutes or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise. Furthermore, they are activities that you can have fun doing. While also helping us to live healthier, happier … Read more

Fun Outdoor Activities For Adults – Golf, Kayaking, Hill Hiking, HILIT Principles

  Hello friends,   Welcome as always and thank you in advance for reading this article on ‘fun outdoor activities for adults – golf, kayaking, hill walking, using Hilit principles’. Hilit (High-intensity low impact) focuses on mobility and injury prevention. Which will have you feeling great after a good workout and also feeling good in … Read more

Why Am I Gaining Weight No Reason – When I’m Physically Fit

Hello Friends, You have every right and I empathise when you question yourself and ask ‘why am I gaining weight no reason’! ?. Especially when I am physically fit, eating healthy and exercising daily. There are many reasons why this can be and we shall go into the main reasons. We will look at the … Read more

Benefits Of Physical Inactivity – are there any

Hello friends and welcome to this article about any Benefits To Physical Inactivity- are there any ? We live in a world that has been inactive for 4 months. Also, there is plenty of material educational, visual etc about the benefits of physical activity. However, in the western world especially in the US and the … Read more

6 Components Physical Fitness

Hello all and welcome to another article regarding physical fitness. Physical fitness is so important to our health and well-being. Exercise is a daily routine we should all focus on, to achieve physical fitness objectives. Consequently, attaining it is crucial for medical reasons and our mental health. It will benefit us in fewer health issues … Read more

Therapy Benefits From Exercise.

Hello friends, Thank you for your kind attention to this weeks article on what the ‘therapy benefits from exercise’ are. Therapy for many complaints has always been a keen subject matter, therefore. Consequently, therapy is gaining more focused attention as people exercise more. Exercise is also equally helping therapy recommendations. So let’s go into what … Read more

Combination Physical Mental Emotional Social Well-Being

Hello to you all and welcome to this article dealing with new trends in 2020 regarding how exercise is viewed, implemented and how it is undertaken in the social company of others. So it is a combination of physical mental emotional social well-being that is focused on fitness not abs.  Due to COVID 19 however, … Read more

Nutrition Tips For Exercise – For Over 40

Introduction   In this article we are going to be exploring the important topic of nutrition.  How it is essential to amalgamate previous articles with what we have understood about cutting edge exercise routines.  Critical aspects in my view, regarding its combination with movement and subsequent mind control. The introduction of nutrition tips for exercise … Read more