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excercise routines for over 40

This site is specifically designed and diligently developed to serve mature people who are seeking exercise fitness advice. To find out in one location, well researched and comprehensively consolidated information about their complete exercise requirements. We grow older together and help each other maintain our fitness, mobility and health. Preferably free of injury or impairment into our future.

In the same age group, I am searching for that same information myself. I found it is a difficult and confusing task (especially in the world of today) where information is constantly bombarded and confusing in nature.  A seemingly inexhaustible choice of information sources, and differing opinions found in different places. Thus have made it a mission to make it all easier.

I decided to set up this site to be a one-stop location for finding out all possible information needs. Including from people who are asking how do I get healthy and fit at home. What is required and available in exercise equipment, accessories, nutrition and systems. So we are all informed and exercise safely. Serving you to receive the best fitness advice.

Fitness and health is your wealth. If you ever need more information please contact me. My contact details are provided above.  If you wish to make comments on articles please feel free to use the comments box provided,  I will be more than happy to help you.

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4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi! Nice blog post friend. There’s lots of great content here. It’s a very good topic. It’s something everyone will need to think about especially as we all age. I’m looking forward to other blogs you’ll write. By chance will you be writing about how to exercise with an injury? Or how exercise will help reduce pain? Cheers ?

    • Hi Lili,
      Thank you for your very kind comment. I am indeed
      planning to write in more detail about those topics
      In fact going to publish a future topic list so people
      are able to comment on what they would like to read about.
      Thank you again,

  2. Very useful and enjoyable read for gentleman like myself of a certain age sir.
    It has taken me an awful long time to work out that the answer to the meaning of life and everything is not 42 at all (RIP Douglas) but balance.

    Yes; good healthy fresh food, that balances the 3 macronutrients, regular appropriate exercise for physical condition (age is largely irrelevant), good sleep hygiene and last, but far from least, a well exercised and active mind. The latter, possibly nurtured by meditation (works for many not for all) but most certainly challenged and stretched to then moment of last breath.

    Your writings complement my philosophy nicely and I thank you for the inspiration herein.

    Hamish ?

    • Hello Hamish,
      Very kind of you to drop by and offer your sage
      wisdom here!
      You express your enlightened sentiment very eloquently
      and it is a joy to find out it is congruent with mine.
      Balance is exactly the whole point. You are most kind!
      Thank you again for dropping by you are most welcome.


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