What is the best home exercise equipment for seniors

Hello and welcome to reading your favourite blog. Since we have covered the four core subjects on exercise, movement & mind control and covered nutrition in the last blog thought it may be interesting to look at ‘what is the best home exercise equipment for seniors’. That may be preferred by many and extend to technology, wearable’s and small aids with a look at clothing in the next few articles and as would always love to hear from you regarding what you wish to see in further articles.


What exercise equipment to buy for the home


All in one exercise systems


Just as the new trends are for you to run around. To meet disparate appointments with your trainer, nutritionist and doctor. Are going to be in time a thing of the past.  More practices are uniting to provide those needs under one roof.  Doing away with the effects on much needed time in our very increasingly busy lives.

A new trend is to exercise at home and technology. Is increasingly developing and coming in to provide solutions at a rapid pace. Consequently making treadmills at the gym an unappetizing prospect. Don’t think they were ever something to look forward to in the first place.

Improvements in technology integration have provided us with some really clever equipment to place in the home. To let you know exactly what your body statistics are doing while you exercise. While in the mind as a concept they are being designed and built for matures and the family as a whole. Gone are the days of static bulky machinery occupying space and every one shying away from it.


New product technology improvements in exercise machines


Today we have equipment like the mirror, which literally is a mirror hanging on your Best - Exercise - Equipment - For - Seniorswall. It gives out instructions and guidelines on exercises for you to follow along. Also,  to select and present readouts of your heart rate for example. Therefore, this has replaced the instructor at the gym because it is a virtual instructor. This for my money is the best piece of equipment.

Another is the Tonal which is an all in one system. That hangs on your wall and supports 200 pounds of weight. Hence, provides literally hundreds of exercises for gaining strength and toning bodies.

Best - Exercise - Equipment - for - Seniors


There is the Elliptical which is a combination of cross-country skiing and walking. It is very stable to use and has hand bars to hold on to. Just as you would use to steady yourself with skiing or walking sticks. Cross country skiing and walking as exercise are extremely beneficial to health.  Consequently, a very popular form of exercise in northern Nordic countries.





Benefits of exercise at home


Given that gym memberships are quite expensive there is a definite shift for all in one equipment for the home which functions in the same way. With the added benefits of other people not using machines before you do, is less stressful if you feel that people are watching your every move and comparisons are being made. You are comfortable in your own home not expending further on transport to get to the gym and back and relaxed about taking a break in between exercising not pressured by time-limited gyms, for example, to hurry and do your routine so that another can take your place to do theirs. These come in many combinations of exercises and are really not that expensive. When compared to the cost of an annual gym membership and the additional cost of transport involved.

Although these are great developments let’s all not rush out and celebrate just yet. The rate of development in this space is becoming very competitive with future offerings expected. When introduced they will be covered in this blog.  Hence you are kept aware of the latest trends.



What is the best overall exercise machine


Again that is all subjective as people tend to rate this type of question on their particular and specific requirements. The mirror is my choice others will opt for the elliptical. While vast numbers will definitely vote for the rowing machine. The real answer is that it is down to preference based on your specific requirements. What you wish to achieve within per-identified goals.





What is the best exercise machine for losing body fat


Best - Exercise - Equipment - For - SeniorsThere are some who are convinced that the new exercise bike machines are the very machine for those who wish to achieve this through their chosen exercise routines This form of exercise again has been very popular for quite some time with its enthusiastic advocates refusing point-blank to hear the view of others and are very appreciative of it being in the home as they are probably cyclists outdoors in the summer months and require to maintain their exercise levels through the long winter months were poor light and inclement conditions impinge on personal safety from cars out on the roads in these conditions. It has also benefited further from a combination in use with technology. Hence very useful in working out exactly your requirements and exact levels of exercise on them.



What is the best exercise machine for working muscles


Those impressed by the rowing machines will attempt to convince others they are the best machine. There have been great improvements to these as we once knew them. Rowing machines have been streamlined in design and much less bulky. While again providing useful statistics through the development of combining technology in their use. Here again, they have been a great success in this area in convincing people. There have been great improvements to these as we once knew them.  Hence providing definite go to’s in this area of exercise. One thing is for sure because of their results they are a popular addition to exercising at home.

However, it is a proven fact that the rowing machine is the head and shoulders above winner inBest - Exercise - Equipment - For - Seniors both these requirements and trends show there are more and more numbers introducing rowing machines into their homes with estimates for a lot more intending to do so in the very near future. In fact, it is trending and whatever trends in this world of technology today. As a result, this can do so in very substantial numbers indeed. Their resurgence in popularity as the exercise machine of choice. Is a very deserving one for they bring very many benefits in their use.




Please see Products Review Here




We have explored at a very peripheral view the myriad of choice in this field.  While also attempted to narrow down the wide choices available for the best home exercise equipment for seniors.  Thus arrived at this point by asking some questions at what are the candidates in this field. I will in the very near future go further into these and provide detailed product reviews. To help you further on the many exact benefits the these are capable of providing. In the meantime please feel free as always to leave comments below or contact me (details found above) for further information. I will be happy to receive your enquiries and offering comments about your views.

Enjoy your exercising which will be a lot better in good weather which is round the corner as the snowdrops and daffodils come into bloom. Until my next offering take care and all the best from me.



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  1. In addition, I would save time and meet expenses, the home gym would also give me the freedom to exercise literally whenever I wanted, even in the middle of the night. If I want to practice in silence, I can afford it, and if I invite friends and “spoil” music, I am allowed to do so. The only thing I need is motivation, self-discipline and a little space.

    • Hello,

      Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Yes of course you have the complete freedom to do as you wish in your own home and the expense from going to and fro to the gym is an added bonus. You are right the rest is down to you.

      Thank you again for your visit and comments.


  2. The mirror is good equipment indeed, you can see where you go wrong and where you can improve your exercise, good point, and it being a virtual instructor, it is an awesome tool. Do you think that this mirror would eventually threaten to replace gym instructors …? 

    I have done exercise on the Eliptical and it is a fun equipment to use. It is easy and still excellent exercise. What is the best online platform to buy these tools? 

    Although I don’t want to lose weight, I would still use the bike machine, because I simply love riding the bicycle, and nowadays that can be very dangerous on the street. I stopped riding my bycicle for that very reason, and I miss it, but better to do it safely at home. Which brands fo you recommend for exercise bike machines?

    • Hello Christine,

      Thank you for dropping in and offering your kind your comments and questions.The Mirror is indeed a very handy piece of equipment it is not threatening but has already replaced gym instructors for those who have purchased it. Gym instructors have been responsible for many injuries to people you may wish to read my article on Exercise routine for over 40.

      I have in this article indicated I am producing product review articles for all the equipment mentioned and I will be sure to inform you through an email when finished, as it will answer your questions on the Elliptical and bike machines very soon. Thank you very much again for your kind visit.


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