What Physical Fitness Test Is For Over 40

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Welcome to another article linked to the topics of today’s world. Most importantly, we must start from a baseline so that we can see where we improve by finding out ‘what physical fitness test is for over 40.’ Also, it looks like we are into a second wave of the COVID 19 virus and require to be at our optimum fitness. Above all, it helps greatly to know where we are along the fitness standards we should be as adults. There are many tests mainly for athletes. Consequently, there are some very popular ones which we can do in our homes.


What are popular  physical fitness tests

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Handgrip strength test

Handgrip strength is important in activities where the hands need to be in use. What - Physical - Fitness - Test - Is - For - Over - 40To clarify this includes throwing, lifting and catching. In short, generally, people with strong hands have strength in other parts of the body. As a result, this is a test to determine isometric strength. A dynamometer measures the strength in a handgrip. Therefore it is wise to seek an experienced advisor, as some of the procedures require explanation. The dynamometer requires calibration by him too.



Sit Reach Flexibility Test

What - Physical - Fitness - Test - Is - For - Over - 40The sit reach is now a common and accepted test for flexibility. Specifically of the hamstring muscles and lower back two areas where we are prone to ailments. Therefore it is an important test from its introduction in 1952. As a result, it identifies several ailments in these two areas. The original test was disadvantageous to some and advantageous to others.  Length of arms was an issue. Thus this has been rectified in the modern version. As a result, it was included in the presidents’ fitness test.





Home push up test

This is a test you can do at home. Men can do the standard push up with their hands and toes touching the floor.What - Physical - Fitness - Test - Is - For - Over - 40 Hence the number of push-ups they can do is the result that the test measures. Similarly, women can use the variation with bent knees to arrive at how many they can do. The number of push-ups comparisons are available on rating tables for both men and women.





20m Multistage Fitness Test

This test is better known by its alternative beep or bleep name. It is an intense aerobic running exercise consisting of cones along horizontal lines placed 20m apart. With continuous running from one line to the other and back. It requires a flat fast running surface and as you can imagine a medical examination prior. This ensures that the person who takes the test is capable to do so for its fast pace. It also requires a disclaimer form signed normally. There are guidelines and a table of ratings in the event you wish to try this on your own. There are also numerous variations of this test.



Skinfold Measurement Test

The skinfold test measures the thickness of the skin at various points on your body. Measurement must be accurate. What - Physical - Fitness - Test - Is - For - Over - 40Consequently, it is a well-known test to measure fat levels in the body. Callipers designed for use on the body are used to measure the skinfold. Similarly, a table is available to give a comparison on readings to what they should be.





Yo Yo Endurance Test

Yo Yo endurance is as the name implies to find out your level of fitness endurance. There are two stages a starter level and advanced level. The starter level is the same as the bleep test. While the advanced level starts at a higher speed level. Hence, it has gradually higher increments of speeds in the test. A variation introduces a rest period after a 40m 2x 20m period.

The pace is increased as signalled by sound bleeps after getting to a line of cones from the second parallel line of cones. A hand signal indicates for the participant to turn around and run towards a parallel line of cones. Consequently, sound bleeps get faster to indicate increments in pace. The test is ended if the participant can’t keep up with the set pace of bleeps. This test is normally conducted on groups.



Vertical Jump Test (Sargent Jump, Vertical Leap)

This was first introduced about 100 years ago and test for lower body strength.What - Physical - Fitness - Test - Is - For - Over - 40 A test easily carried out at home. It involves standing next to a wall with feet flat on the ground. You reach up with one hand holding chalk as far as you can and that point is marked. This is your standing reach height. Then with a piece of chalk in your hand. You leap from your standing position and place another mark on the wall with the chalk. This mark will indicate your leap height mark. The test score is the difference between your standing height mark and your leap mark. Here again, there are many variations to this test. #



Sit And Reach Flexibility Test

What - Physical - Fitness - Test - Is - For - Over - 40The sit-up test measures the endurance and strength of the hip-flexor muscles and abdominals. These are very important for back support and core stability.  Counting how many sit-ups you can do in a minute is the test. You start by lying on a comfortable floor with knees up at right angles. Your feet are flat on the floor and your hands are on your thighs. Your feet are not anchored to the floor.

The proper technique is to have your back flat. Squeeze your stomach and raise high enough for your hands to slide up your thighs to your knees. Don’t pull with your head or neck and keep your back flat then return to the starting position. Here too there is a table to compare the number of situps you can do properly to standard figures. Don’t worry about the number but concentrate on beating your figure count.



Sanding Long Jump Test (Broad Jump)

A relatively easy test to do at home. It looks to test the explosive power in the legs and was once an Olympic event. What - Physical - Fitness - Test - Is - For - Over - 40Start by marking out a takeoff line and standing behind it. Standing with feet slightly apart, a two-foot take-off and landing on both feet not falling backwards is the ideal. The measurement from the takeoff line to landing spot determines the test.  Thus measurement standard tables one for men and one for women is used for comparison.






How fit should a 40-year-old woman be to pass a test

By the time a woman has reached her 40s, she should ease into fitness. For those that haven’t all is not lost. A new study finds starting late brings the same benefits for cancer, cardiovascular disease and other chronic ailments. Therefore, starting to exercise at any age is good for you as long as it is safe and ensures no injury. Women at 40 and over must concentrate on activity muscle strengthening and balance exercises. There are a set of guidelines nationally for the time to invest in exercises. However, the goal should be for aerobic exercise (100 steps per minute) for 75 minutes. Muscle-strengthening exercises at least three days a week 30 minutes. Balance exercises at least twice a week 30 minutes.

The mind also requires to be exercised through meditation and stress-reducing measures. Diet watching what you eat. Is another factor to achieve optimum fitness and well being.



How fit should a 40-year-old man be to pass a test

Swedish doctors report that a man should be able to walk 2 miles in under 30 minutes. However, it is no different than with women. Men should be easing into exercises that are equally non-detrimental.  As a result, no strain to their bodies and joints avoiding injury. The need to keep exercising daily within national guides on timespan requirements is a must at the very minimum. Less high impact exercises with moderate intensity are adopted to achieve cardiovascular requirements in daily routines. The activity requires to be maintained to be active longer is the mantra.




We have arrived at this article’s conclusion. Consequently, we have explored what physical fitness test is for over 40 for both women and men. There are also brief reminders on guidelines for the duration of exercises and their form. These have been covered more deeply in other previous articles on this blog as regular readers will know. There has never been a better time for fitness tests to be at the top of our agendas. Given the environment and the world, we live in. Finding what our fitness levels are is a crucial first step. To use as a baseline for improvements in our fitness levels.

*Kindly send me an email on the set of procedures & comparison tables  you require from the above tests and will email them back to you in return.*

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