Why Am I Gaining Weight No Reason – When I’m Physically Fit

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You have every right and I empathise when you question yourself and ask ‘why am I gaining weight no reason’! ?. Why - Am - I - Gaining - Weght - No - ReasonEspecially when I am physically fit, eating healthy and exercising daily. There are many reasons why this can be and we shall go into the main reasons. We will look at the medical scientific explanations first. Then possibly other reasons why this situation can come about or exist.


Why am I gaining weight but losing inches?


Karolinska Institutet in Sweden in September of last year made some findings public that were quite revealing. These findings were a result of scientists studying fat cells in both men and women over 13 years. They were attempting to find out why as we get older we struggle to keep the weight from piling on. They found that lipid turnover in fat tissue decreases. During the ageing process, this makes it a lot easier to gain weight. This happens even when we don’t eat more or exercise less than we previously did.

Why - Am - I - Gaining - Weight - No - Reason It should be noted that this process starts as early as 29 years of age. Between 29 – 39 years women gain as much as 7 pounds and men 15 pounds on average. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. When we are exercising and eating in the right way for us. Interestingly they found that even in women who had bariatric surgery. Their lipid turnover rate equally dictated their ability to keep the weight off 6-7 years after surgery. The results backed the fact that only those that had a low rate of lipid turnover before their surgery. Managed to increase lipid turn over maintaining weight loss. Thus importantly This knowledge can open new paths in treating obesity which has become a massive worldwide problem.

“The results indicate for the first time that processes in our fat tissue regulate changes in body weight during ageing. In a way that is independent of other factors,” says Peter Arner. A professor at the Department of Medicine in Huddinge at Karolinska Institutet. Everyone is agreed upon one thing. Prior studies showed exercise is one way to speed up the lipid turnover in the fat tissue.

Although ironic it is possible to gain weight while losing inches. As a result of losing body fat and gain muscle. Your weight, therefore, may be the same although you are losing inches. Tells you that you are on the right path and moving in the right direction.

Why am I gaining weight even though I’m exercising

Your exercise workouts and your weight.


Are you weighing yourself after your exercise workout and noticing a gain weight.? You know that can be normal right?Why - Am - I - Gaining - Weight - N0 - Reason As it doesn’t mean that you are gaining weight. When you think about what our bodies consist of. The brain, neural tract, connective tissue, blood, lymph, intestinal gas, fat, bone and muscle. Even the air we carry in our lungs. Each of these can vary in mass percentages of up to 15% after exercise. Intense workouts cause varying readings on the scales because they are affecting your bodies hydration status. The amount of intestinal blood volume and urine as a by-product are others. While possible inflammation from muscle damage and repair is a factor too. Thus as you can see a higher reading on the scales while you are eating healthily and exercising daily. Is not the weight gain that you are associating with that higher reading on the scales.


Exercise workouts and water retention.


In the same way, your reading on the scales shows you have lost a few pounds you feel great. Until you discover it’s the water loss due to the sweat you have pored out. In the same vein, your scales may read a bit higher as a result of water retention. You must recognise that the amount of water in your system. Is a major influence on what shows up in numbers on your scale.

When you consider that water represents approximately 65 to 90 % of your weight. Importantly it can vary by 10 pounds from day to day. Consequently, it is no wonder that your weight scale readings are confusing and worrying you. That is why diuretics are seen as a quick fix weight loss as they flush water out of your system. As a result, they don’t change body composition in any meaningful way only daily exercise over your life does that.



Muscle or fat weight gain.


There is a view that you should not be so concerned with your scale reading. Your scales do not tell you very much about your muscle or fat composition. Why - Am - I - Gaining - Weight - N- - ReasonThus if your objective is to improve your fitness level then the scale reading is no good to you. You require more objective tools to track your composition to judge your progress. You should see the weight reading as one way to assess your progress. It tells you you are lighter that day only not how fit you are. Remember that if you are exercising and gaining pounds it can mean that you are on an effective exercise workout. Consequently, it is wise to focus on your diet to see the outcomes you wish in weight loss.




Muscle is heavier than fat.


Confusing as that may sound because 1 pound of muscle weight is equivalent to 1 pound of fat. Also, it is misleading from the context it is preferable to have muscle than fat. In the composition of your body. However, muscle is denser in volume than the volume in fat and thus does weigh heavier pound for pound. As a result when the composition of your body starts to change. While you are building dense muscle mass while decreasing body fat over time. Your scale weight is increasing while your body fat percentage is decreasing. Hence relying on scale weight or worrying about it from daily weighing yourself. Is pointless in this regard in tracking them so frequently.




Your hormones affect your metabolism


You are probably aware that your metabolism and hormones are in a deep relationship with one another. Why - Am - I - Gaining - Weight - No - Reason - Metabolism does not only affect how quickly you are burning calories. It is the total process of how your body uses and stores energy from the food you eat. Therefore your metabolism converts fats, carbs and proteins into compounds mainly fatty acids, glucose and amino acids. These compounds are then transported by your cells which maintain and grow your muscles. These break down the fats that are stored by your body. These metabolic functions and processes are all singularly controlled by your hormones. Consequently, your hormones require to be in balance. To make sure your body systems are running as optimally and in harmony as they possibly can. If they do not then you are thrown off balance. Which affects your mood, your exercise workout and more to the point your weight.







How do you stay as slim as you get older?


Unfortunately, we start to lose muscle mass at age 29 – 30 years at a rate of 1 % a year. Fortunately, it’s not due to biology. We are still able to improve and maintain muscle mass until much later. The reality is that we all exercise less as we get older and as a result of our lifestyles. If you are not already resistance training in your 30’s then perceived wisdom is to start doing so.

In your 40’s changes in estrogen, testosterone and progesterone affect how fat is distributed in your body. Consequently, this results in more abdominal fat being laid down around your midriff area. The best course of action against this is to take in much larger amounts of fibre. Research advises that 30g a day of fibre is as effective as subjecting yourself to more restriction through diets. When you are aiming to control your waistline. Constipation affects more women at this stage in their lives. Include soluble fibre such as flaxseeds and legumes which help in normal easing of function. Don’t despair as there are many more women in this age group in modern times. Who have through discipline in exercise maintain and continue to improve their figures.

On average a woman enters menopause at 51nyears of age. The decrease in hormone levels affects actual biological muscle wastage known as sarcopenia. As a result and for you to feed your muscles more protein is the answer. A commitment of protein with every meal is essential only you have to watch your calorie intake of it. The less muscle mass equates to less energy-burning potential. Again perceived wisdom is to eat more oily fish as your main source of protein. They are also beneficial to you in healthy fats.




We have explored the possible reasons why people exclaim ‘Why Am I Gaining Weight No Reason’. When I am physically fit, eating healthily and exercising regularly. As offered there are many reasons why this weight gain occurs. Thus it is hopefully of some help to many out there who fret and worry over it. When there is no need to pay it so much attention. Specifically when it is looking at your readings on your scale. It tells you very little in this context about your body’s is composition. Which is where your concentration must be focused on. Please make contact if you require more detailed information or assistance on the subject matter. My contact details are provided above. Also, please leave a comment in the comment box below to let us know what your views are.

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