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Why - Is - It - So - Hard - To - Change - Our - LifeWelcome to this article about ‘Why Is It So Hard To Change Our Life’ to exercise and fitness. The world is facing an obesity crisis and this is testimony to the fact. Even when we know that exercise leads to fitness and is very beneficial to our lives. We still find it very difficult to keep to a daily routine of exercise. Hence we provide every excuse under the sun evidently to not commit wholly. Even when we know that doing so will lead us to live better and happier lives and will extend them.


What is the psychology behind my inaction to change my life


Don’t confuse simple with easy

There is so much written from various professionals psychologists, self-help gurus and mental health experts. That you would think it is easy to get into a positive mindset or at least compile a process. To help us overcome that reality of not doing something we know is good for us. However, we all know how difficult it is to change our ways of thinking

Not so simple in practice

The truth is it may be simple to read all this information. Come up with a plan to change our ways to a better more healthy lifestyle of daily exercise. Make a plan and place it aside as frequently done. The proof being levels of obesity keeps rising instead of falling. There is another danger here on not taking action about changes we believe are simple they lead to guilty feelings. This makes us feel bad and may even stop our progress. Making it longer to arrive at our goal of doing something about it.

Behavioural changes are difficult

We feel discouraged by not carrying out our plan. Unfortunately, some people do not see it in that way and worry in their minds more deeply than others. As a result, this can lead to more serious consequences like depression. Thus can lead to even more serious harmful results and even death. It is so tragic that suicide rates are climbing ever higher. We need to understand that although change can be sen as simple it is is not easy. Even when we are seeking to make small modifications in our behaviour.

Understanding something is not the same as doing it change is not easy

It was Einstein who said we cannot do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different outcome. We have to change our patterns of behaviour to get a different outcome. Some believe an issue once understood requires no further action. This is the same as reading a change for the better book and skipping the exercises. We have all experienced this how many of us have exercise equipment gathering dust that we never use. Consequently, if we wish to improve we must understand and put that understanding into action. Otherwise, although we understand we are no further forward.





Blaming ourselves gets in the way of self-empowerment and makes change more difficult


Self Blame is toxic

Self-blame is a very toxic weapon that weakens and prevents us from living the life we want to lead. Why- Is - It - So - Hard - To - Change - Our - LifePeople don’t make the connection that when we make a decision. We do so in an attempt to make the best decision we can arrive at. We gather insights from our experience, information to hand at that time and other peoples experiences or advice. When we blame ourselves our thoughts become compromised by negative thoughts and emotions. Hence the saying with hindsight everything is Rosey.

When we blame ourselves even when we know the decision we are making. Is not going to be the best for us. We are in a place where we are unable to access our strong inner places of conviction and our drive. To arrive at a different better decision that will help us in the longer term. Becomes clouded by the gloom of blaming ourselves.

Self-Defeating cycle

Therefore looking back with self-blame at things we had no power to change only leads to more self-blame and remorse. It is a very defeating harmful cycle of a negative mindset thus equally negative emotions. We want to be in a place when looking back at these decisions by arriving at a place. To look back and see that we could have made a different and better decision. We are also in possession of better information and insights. That allows us to move forward with more favourable choices for us.

Negative views or positive emotions

Some people with some justification in the world we find ourselves also agree. That those with positive mindsight are deluded. Their view of the world that feeds on negative thoughts is right. However, we cannot create a positive life with negative thinking. Negative thinking does not make us happy. We can be right with negative thinking and we have a right to think in that way. We may be right but never happy saddled with negative emotions.

Positive thoughts are what results in positive emotions and happiness. Hence if we want to be happy we must choose a path that leads us to make the right choices. A pattern of thinking that leads us to think positively about us and our futures that are happy emotionally. Which builds on further positive emotions and actions that present us with even greater beneficial results and happiness. A virtual positive circle, not a negative one.

 How can I get motivated to exercise to change my life for the better


Positive Mind Set

Why - Is - It - So - Hard - To - Change - Our - LifeIt is difficult to find the motivation to exercise especially if you don’t like doing it. Like everything else, it requires a positive mindset to achieve. The more we seek the more we understand the extent of the benefits for us. It helps to be positive by realising hormones we help ourselves to clear our minds of worry, stress and confusion. A good nights rest helping with irregular sleep patterns is another major benefit. Thirty minutes of vigorous exercise is all that is required. To prompt our bodies to release endorphins in the brain with energy. Puts a spring in our step and provides a natural feeling good high.

To get your mindset with a different way to view exercise don’t think of it in that those terms. Think of it as a healthy activity and how it’s going to prepare you. For a much longer life free of illness. Helping you be fitter to enjoy more years of good times and happiness with your family.

Exercise Can Be Done In Many Ways

Remember that it doesn’t have to be done in a gym. You can do it with fun activities indoors and outdoors. Indoors you can have your own chosen routines coupled with your favourite music dancing is exercise. Outdoors you can go walking on the beach, use the surf for resistance routines. There are so many ways to exercise be creative and make it an enjoyable activity instead of a chore. When you enjoy doing something that is all the motivation required.


How do I stop being so lazy to take the necessary actions


At A Plateau

When you feel you are not improving or progressing you come to a halt. This is known as a plateau. Why - Is - It - So - Hard - To - Change - Our - LifYou would rather watch TV or do anything but your fitness work out. That the world around you is falling apart all around you Right? Not so, get focused change things up if you did a certain routine repeatedly. Replace that routine with a new one. Allow yourself to take on new challenges.

Change All You Can

Change everything you can even your music playlist. The more you explore the less likely the chance you will be bored and motivate yourself to face things anew. Consider taking a holiday for a week. A break is as good as rest it is said. Come back with a new appetite to do your daily exercise. With a new view on how you can become better. Continue to improve your fitness through your new and exciting routines. Your muscles which were experiencing a non-challenge so your improvement efforts were not yielding the desired results. Will perk up at being challenged as you embark on a new path.

Involve New People

Join a group or new streaming exercise routines that will offer new horizons. Reach out to a new coach that you can interact with online. Hopefully, this will ignite the passion you had for diligently doing your daily quota of activity. Motivate yourself through new ways to view and consider new activities there are so many to choose from. Stop your slide into laziness training it around into new and fresh activities you can explore and enjoy.


How can I make exercise a habit and change my life for the better


Rituals and routines

Why - Is - It - So - Hard - To - Change - Our - LifThink of habits as routines that you start the day in and day out. The easier you make it on yourself to start that routine the faster it becomes a habit. You need to start adding to your habits or layering them so they are done in a robotic manner. Where you are not thinking about them you are just doing them automatically. Many studies say to make it easier on yourself. Start to write down your intentions in a diary, pin it to the kitchen wall or however way you wish. To let you know what you have planned for your daily routine. This intention believe it or not is more important to ease into a habit-forming mindset than motivation. The rituals you perform before doing your activities are important too. As they can include rewards to help you start the activity.

Start small and expand on your intention.

Instead of placing pressure on yourself to accomplish a full-blown exercise routine. Start with little steps and achieve them while building to your full goal. Do one exercise that may take you two minutes to do daily. It will not only make you feel good about achieving your goal. It will spur you on to consider the thought of adding another routine. To do so daily or at your pace until you achieve doing the full routine voluntarily as set by you. Thus you are building to achieve your habit not taking it on all at once. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed and giving up because it is all just too much.

Your focus is on the habit at first not your goal

Most people typically start out clearly focused on their goals. I want to achieve my exercise goals as quickly as I can. Although this is admirable it does not help you form a habit. Focus on building the habit of starting exercise daily and building on your exercise routine for the first six months. When your habit becomes set and you are consistently doing exercise daily. You have formed a habit and you have also built a foundation for your goals to be achieved. Paving the way to improve upon into your great and healthy future.




As you can see from the above. Asking ‘why is it so hard to change our life’ is a very important question indeed. It is always easier to think about changing our lives to do the actions required to make that change happen. Strategies to change the mindset and to action, intentions require to be deployed to stand a chance for us to continue our new way of living our lives from where we are now through consistently doing the things we need to do through daily routines and rituals to realise our intentions and arrive at our goals of a healthy, fit and happy future.

Please contact me through the contact details provided above for any further questions you may have. Equally please leave a comment in the comment box below to air your views on the article. Start a conversation with others and me on your thoughts which will be both kind and welcome. I trust that this article is informative, helpful and enjoyable. Until the next time we interact, stay safe and take care. Wishing you all the best.



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2 thoughts on “Why Is It So Hard To Change Our Life – To Exercise And Fitness”

  1. I agree, it is hard to get motivated and harder still to change habits.
    I have known people who’s life depended upon changing eating habits and moving about even a little but they wouldn’t.
    The old saying ” you can lead a horse to water but can’t make them drink” is very true.
    You can only help those that want to change.
    When they do, it’s all about finding something they enjoy.


    • Indeed it is my motivation is if I’m living
      I want to do so free and unfettered of bad health.
      I certainly don’t want to be incapacitated without the freedom
      to move about and certainly do not wish to be a burden to others.

      It is only exercise that is going to keep all moving parts
      healthy and supple so that is what keeps me at it!!

      Enjoying it is most certainly not only a bonus but the greatest motivator.



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